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I have some Blood Test Results- 1st post


I had the right side of my thyroid removed 3 weeks ago.

When I was first diagnosed with a thyroid issue / Graves disease was 8/2016

I'm sorry not to have the exact name or levels about the antibody, but my Dr. said typically everyone is a 1or zero and mine was 4000, and that's why he sent me to the Endo. Other blood work at that time:

SGPT/ALT 22 6-60

SGOT/AST 19 5-40

T4Free 1.30 .70-1.48


3rd Gen. <0.004 .4-4.7

I have put in a request for the ferratin, folic, b-12 and D3 tests to be done, and am waiting for the order to come thru.

Here's the blood work my Endo ordered for me last Friday:

TSH 11.56 .45-5.10

Thyroid Stimulating Immunoglobulin 10.30 <.10

T4, Free .60 .6-1.6

My Endo emailed me to tell me she wants me to start with 100mcg if Levothyroxine, but I haven't rec'd the prescription for it yet.

Prior to surgery I was on 15mg of Methimazole, but have been on nothing since day of surgery.

I also put in a request for the Free T3 test.

Thank you so much in advance. I've been chomping at the bit for my labs ever since I found this site. Is it typical that Endos will embrace the support from this site? I'm not sure yet how she feels about my requests so far. I've seen her once, and all communication is thru email.

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I forgot, I had the right side out because of a unilateral goiter,nodule which came back indeterminate.

I wonder how you're feeling? I wouldn't think Endocrinologists would be very interested in sites like this but you never know. It is listed on NHS choices website.

Rkstarkey in reply to Nanaedake

Another thing I have had serious, bad hot flashes since my first chemo, which threw me into menopause. That was 4/2008. For 9 years! Sometimes it's once an hour, but no less than 10-20 times a day still. I would think they would study this and solve the world's energy issues!

silverfox7 in reply to Rkstarkey

I was diagnosed with cancer last year and but on Letrozole to reduce oestrogen. I had terrible tiredness with I was told happens after radiotherapy but then I read the Thyroid Uk site which said Tamoxifen, another oestrogen blocker causes absorption problems and that I would need to increase my dose which I did and back to normal again.

Hot flashes were annoying as I judge my NDT dose on basal temperature and so this wasn't helping. The local support centre offered 4 sessions of auricular acupuncture so 5 needles in each ear. It started working after 3 sessions so as it was looking to be successful I was offered another four and very little problem now. I was then given addresses for private testing which I'm hoping to chase up in the next few weeks-broke a bone in my foot that's taken ages to heal so have been stuck in the house for a while. Thinking of getting a top up, once every 4 weeks and virtually flash free now! Be worth looking if anything local like that.

Rkstarkey in reply to silverfox7

yes, I was on Letrozole also, they call it Femara here. So, one can not be hot-flashed to death? Spontaneous Combustion feels right around the corner. My oncologist wanted to give medicine to stop the hot flashes, but with all the chemo he had me one, I just couldn't justify anymore medicine, so I bit the bullet, and am still biting. My current drs. haven't offered it, but really I don't want any more meds. I did 2 yrs of acupuncture 15 yrs ago, and would have to drive 2-3hrs. I am also supposed to get physical therapy on my back, and a speech pathologists3 hrs away, for a paralyzed vocal chord. My husband's gone till Oct. fishing, and I am taking care of a small farm with chickens, ducks dogs and greenhouses. There is only so much I can do right now. Picking the ones that will serve me the most...still the hot flashes take the back burner, but I would have to think a decade would be detrimental somehow.

silverfox7 in reply to Rkstarkey

Sorry that's there's nothing closer you could try

I also was going thru 12 vertebra fractures at that time too, I am not sure if that would skew tests or not. they don't know why the Fractures,except maybe Graves plus one missed Prolia, bone growth shot. I had a bad cancer, with2 yrs of chemo. I don't have osteoporosis and I've been pretty good overall, since given the CancerFree sign from my onocologist, but for the past yr, all hell's broken loose,it feels like.

I am drinking lots of coffee now. In the past yr, I've gained 3 sizes, although I was determined hyperthyroid. I've been fairly thin all my life until now. It's hard. I've not been so active because my spine is no longer straight, and it is taxing to do much anyway....you've got me thinking....feeling is not something I do alot. My eyes are puffing, watery,leaky for almost a yr. I don't feel well at all, though not so bad, it's affecting me emotionally. I have to rest for every hour I do something on my feet. If I was normal, I'd probably say I am draggy. But I don't do much now but computer and make jewelry.

Nanaedake in reply to Rkstarkey

Have you had all your vitamin levels checked especially vitamin D?

Rkstarkey in reply to Nanaedake

I've put the request in, and should hear back shortly. I currently take 2100 IUs a day of the D3.

Nanaedake in reply to Rkstarkey

Great, hopefully getting the blood tests might help to determine any deficiencies.

Nanaedake in reply to Rkstarkey

By the way, if you take vitamin D supplements, make sure you get a blood test every 6 months as it's not water soluble so it can collect in your body. You need to make sure not to overdose.

It wasn't until my back herniated, then finally stopped the chemo. Then I had extra radiation- my skin turned black and cracked. Then I was on a 5 yr. pill to stop estrogen. And I had an increased reaction to the contrast iodine in the catscans.

But, I wouldn't be here now. I am a 'success' story. I was stage 4 , with aggressive cancer. I was 44 when diagnosed, met my husband when I had no hair, and truly have had to climb one mountain after another all my life. I am used to struggle. And all in all, I have been doing pretty good spiritually, emotionally until I found out I may not sing again due to a paralyzed vocal chord from the thyroidectomy....and to me, that would be the utmost travesty of my life...which I am still trying to wrap my head around.

I take a Carlson Super2Daily, but only 1a day, because I was told these are really strong. It contains Thiamine B1-7.5mg, RiboflavinB2-8.5mg ,Niacin 20mg,B6-10 mg, folate 200mcg, B12-60 mcg, Biotin 150mcg and Pantothenic acid 20mg. I choose Carlson because they independently test their product. Is there anymore B that I need. It has more vitamins, but I believe those are the Bs. I get 300 mgs of Vit C with this also which is 500%. I also take a Vital Nutrient (also indep.tested) Osteo NutrientsII which has D3,K2, Cal/Mag,HorsetailPowder,Lysine and Boron. I've been taking this combo for many yrs. The only thing I'm not getting at least 100% is the Biotin. Everything else is at least 500% or more. I have taken Milk Thistle in the past, and will bring it in 2x daily and start up on massive C. Thank you for your suggestions. I really appreciate it.

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