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Thyroid blood test results

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I'm sat in the ladies loos at work crying my eyes out again because of another rubbish experience with my doctor's about my thyroid.

So when I first moved to university about 15 years ago I was diagnosed with an underactive thyroid and put on levothyroxine. Lots of blood tests later I'm on 250mcg and the results are beginning to look normal and I feel better.

At some point I moved house and my new doctor surgery started reducing the dose until I no longer needed levothyroxine as I "didn't have an underactive thyroid". I spent years going in and out of the surgery with all the symptoms of an underactive thyroid and demanding blood tests all of which came back in the normal range so no action required.

Me and my other half are trying for a baby, nothing is working so we start private IVF as the waiting list is too long on the NHS. They do their blood tests and my TSH is 6.8 and as that was so abnormal they suggested I take it back to the doctors surgery so I can have an NHS prescription rather than a private one. I'm finally put onto levothyroxine at 25mcg.

I've just had my three month blood test and apparently everything is normal again. My TSH is at 3. I still feel like crap all the time - I'm constantly tired, can't shift any weight, freezing cold all the time, irritable, contending with some kind of mental fug // light headedness, dry skin, muscle aches, no libido and now weird periods too. Surely if my thyroid levels were getting back to normal I'd feel at least a little better? If anything I feel worse now I'm on the medicine than I did before.

Any advice would be great as I'm really at the end of my tether. I'm waiting for my full blood test results but will need to wait until I can physically get into the surgery which won't be until next week now.

6 Replies

Tsh 3, all those symptoms, trying for a baby...obviously you need an increase in meds. Take someone with you to appointment to back you up. Good luck. With the right dose you could possibly conceive naturally.

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I can't face going back to the surgery again - it's a different doctor everytime, a 5 minute appointment and usually they tell me it's stress. I think I might take the advice of the lady below and go private.


Listen lovely, you are where you are, take it from the veterans among this forum, it is rare to get good thyriod treatment within the NHS. Do want you can to go private and get the treatment you deserve.

You might be better spending your money on thyriod treatment First. After having my 4 babies I can only imagine the heartache of not being able to get pregnant. I’m so sorry that you are not getting better treatment. Swallow your tears and start getting tenacious! Keep going educated yourself. Believe what you are saying and keep telling your GP that there is some wiggle room within their previous TSH (which means nothing!!) you can get your TSH down to below 1 and still be healthy. Fight for that child you want! Grrrrrrr go get it tiger! ( ok I’ve had a glass of wine and may be feeling a little feisty vicariously 😬) 25mcg is a rubbish amount of T4, I bet you’d feel much better on 75 or 100mcg. Don’t give up lovely! You’ll get there!! 🤗


Hi Lovepix31. You must feel really low with a knock back in your thyroid tests. You can get a print out of your tests and submit them to the an administrator. They will examine your levels and see what other tests you need. It's all this stress of being turned away which has upset you when you can see a difference in your health. If you do go back please see another GP, a woman, or someone who may be more sympathetic. After being in tears there is no way you can face the GP who upset you so much.

There is no easy way to improve your fertility but certain information from websites on how to help your thyroid levels with supplements and to increase your fertility to as well as your partner's may help.

Selenium and zinc are necessary for thyroid function and if you don't have enough in every day food supplements can help. As vitamin C levels should be high enough to synergise with other minerals then you can get vitamin c and zinc and selenium from Redoxon and other companies that do dispersible tablets with orange or fruit flavours that taste ok.

Numark Lloyds Boots and are a few chemists that may help.

An article by Chis Kresser titled "The missing link for treating hypothyroid function"

Another article Zinc and fertility what It does and why it is important

can be found at -


Selenium and zinc are indicated for men and women.

Ask your practice manager for a print out of your recent test results so they can be referred to thyroiduk website. You can get this free for up to three weeks after your tests are back. No need to see the doctor.


Guess the doctors can't make the jump from one treats high blood pressure with meds to reduce the blood pressure to within a "normal range". So why when elevated thyroid readings are treated, do they try to reduce meds once they reach "normal range"?

sign me perplexed.


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