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Normal results making me miserable

Hi there, ive just sign up to this site as i was hoping you lovely experienced people will be able to help me.

My best friend is a nurse and last year handed me a symtom list asking me to tick off all the symtoms i have ... i had them all! She asked me to see my doc as she thinks i have an underactive thyroid so I had my bloods done last year all normal, been to the docs again recently re my weight as i cant for love nor money lose weight and he ordered repeat blood tests, which are...

HbA1c 33mmol/mol ... thyroid function test normal ... serum tsh level 2.19 (0.35-5mu/L) ... serum t4 level 10 (9-19 pmol/L) ... gfr 77 (>90) ... liver function test normal ... serum total protein 70 (60-80g/L) ... serum albumin 38 (35-50g/L) ... serum globulin 32 (25-42g/L) ... serum total bilirubin level 5 (<20umolL) ... serum alkaline phosphatase 126 (30-130 iu/L) ... urea and electrolytes normal ... serum sodium 142 (132-144 mmol/L) ... serum.potassium 4.1 (3.5-5.3 mmol/L) ... serum urea level 4.3 (2.5-7.8 mmol/L) ... serum creatinine 74 (40-90 umol/L) ... full blood count normal ... total white cell count 9.9 (4-11) ... red cell count 4.72 (3.8-5.8)

Please translate and advise what i should do next if anything.

Your help will be so appreciated.

Liz xx

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You only had TSH and T4 tested. As you can see your T4 is low, at the bottom of the range.

With Hashimoto's Autoimmune Thyroiditis bloods can fluctuate. I had Hypothyroid results then Euthyroid (normal) results 18 months later. When I got copies of my hospital records I saw that the 'normal' results were very low in range T4 and top of range TSH.

If you can get your doctor to test for Thyroid Antibodies. If TPO raised then you have Hashimoto's.

You could also ask for

Free T3


And levels of the following nutrients

Vitamin D




to be tested.



Your other bloods results look OK, although I notice Phosphatase near to the top of range.

You could also ask your doctor to test calcium.

You could take your written list of symptoms to GP and ask for symptoms to be addressed.



Did you fast before the blood test?


Hi mary, thank you for your replys. I was told no need to fast and didnt have bloods done till 4.40pm? I doubt my docs will do anymore tests for at least a year! Theyve previously said its all in my head and that i could lose weight if i tried a different diet! Im on slimming world, i stick to it and i gain weight. I crave carbs and sugar all day and id win a gold medal for england for my sleeping although im still always tired :( my body aches all day and my skin is so dry its all cracked. Do you think if i paid for private tests and they showed something that the doctor would take note! Sorry for the rant xx


Tests should be done fasting and at the very earliest appointment in the day. Your TSH is higher earlier in the day and if you haven't eaten so you are more likely to get a diagnosis - most GPs don't know that and they probably don't care as not treating you saves money for the practice.


if you were correctly treated

your TSH would be 1.0 or below or even undetectable

your free t4 would be more like 19 or 20

and free t3 more like 5.5 or 6

you are woefully undermedicated and need a GP who understands the basics of thyroid

a TSH of 2.5 and a free t4 of 10 means your very very hypothyroid hence your symptoms


You'd expect a higher TSH with Free T4 right at the bottom of the range, which suggests that you might have secondary/central hypothyroidism, which GPs aren't taught to diagnose. If that is the case, your TSH will never rise to the levels needs for a GP to diagnose - you'd need an endo referral.


no point a referral to any old endo the majority are just as useless as GPs totally agree its likely Central Hypothyroid is involved since 4 of the 5 hypos in my lot were all diagnosed with a TSH of just 2.9 ...the OP needs to go back to the GP insist on a referral to one of our recomended endos but raise the issue of Central Hypothyroid too and the vital need for a free T3 test and an immediate raise in dose

suggest the OP emails louise.roberts@ thyroiduk.org.uk for a copy of the PULSE article by Dr Toft written for GPs iwn magazine and goes armed with that and insist its read


Thanks for your replys. I am undiagnosed and desperate for a dr to understand that im not a hypocondriac :( i have never been medicated but hoping if i have some private tests done and they show something up that my dr nay take me seriously, i wont hold my breathe though :( with 2x tests results a year apart both similar in readings there is nothing they will do as according to them they are perfectly normal readings despite my symtoms


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