Does anyone take the supplement Rhodiola, and has it helped ?

I am struggling at present with symptoms of poor energy, tired, very low, shaky hands, and poor concentration. (Worse in the mornings). I have had blood tests on my TSH 0.05(0.27-4.2).....T4 18.1(12-22)...T3 5.5(3.1-6.8). Plus ferritin, folate, Vit D and B12. All of which are normal.

I also take adrenal cortex, and ashwaghanda. But was thinking of adding Rhodiola, as the description of its uses seem to fit my needs.

So would love to have any comments on the product?

Thank you .

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  • Do you have the results with ranges of those normal tests ? They rarely are 😊

    B12 - Folate - Ferritin - VitD ???

  • Oh sure, vitamin D3. 105 with a reference range saying >75 optimal ( a new range to me !

    Ferritin 118 (13-150).

    Folate >20ng (3.9-26.8).

    My doc didn't do the B12 as he said if I am still taking the B12 regularly, then the results will be over the range. So I'm assuming it would be, as it has been on previous tests.

  • They all look great 😊 Yes further testing of B12 once supplementing is of little value ....

    Could be an adrenal issue. Have you been tested ?

  • No I haven't had a saliva test done yet as I can't really afford it at the moment. (Just had some work done on my car which was dearer than I thought it would be) !

  • Well your adrenals are the gear box and the thyroid is your accelerator ... 😊

  • Thyroid results look great....maybe you are taking too much adrenal glandular /supplements. ..perhaps you don't need the support now...they are very potent.

  • Thanks for your answer, but a week ago I saw my homeopath who ran some tests on an Asyra machine and it came up that my adrenals needed more support. At that time I was only taking 1 Ashwaghanda capsule per day. But the Asyra isn't necessarily foolproof, so I'll take on board what you say. Thanks !

  • Interesting. ..I have been on those diagnostic machines myself there's good and bad reports on it I believe...I think if your adrenals were at fault you wouldn't have bloodwork that good...of course I'm no expert but maybe you could cut it out for a while and see how you feel? I felt very jittery on ashwaghanda that a herbalist had me taking and had that 'tired but wired'feeling .

  • Oh how interesting. I have been taking the Ashwaghanda capsules for quite some time though, even through a good period (prior to this one) and all was ticking over nicely then. However I do think that the period of very hot weather we had, puts an extra strain on us thyroid people !

  • Yes it does ...sometimes we need to reduce meds a little in the summer and add in the winter !We are of course all reacting differently to various supplements and glandulars I'm taking cortex and I'm fine on that ...I don't intend to take indefinitely. ..just until my basal temperatures level out throughout the day as that can indicate adrenal issues...if they are not on an even keel and low then its thyroid plus adrenal issues ..hope you find out what's causing your symptoms. .I'd be interested to know :)

  • Thanks Lozzer66. I find it so hard when symptoms of overactive and under active are mostly the same. And it now seems the adrenals also will give the same symptoms. Although as I'm tearful in the mornings I wouldn't think that's a sign of overactive, would you ?

  • I know. .I agree yes they are so similar....I went through a 'weepy spell' not that long ago so I reduced my adrenal cortex and it stopped! Maybe take a look at your temperatures and that will give you some indication?

  • Hi

    Is the Rhodiola 5htp..... if so, I started with this 5htp a month ago and it's made a huge difference to my moods..... Before taking this I had terrible mood swings and feeling angry all the time at first I thought it was due to menopause, anyhow I've none of that now.......

  • I take it just before going to bed..... I now have a lovey sleep 😴

  • πŸ‘ŒπŸ½

  • Thanks , I do want to look into that further. But I think it's important that I get my Adrenals tested first. I'm going to contact BH today, as I had a panic attack at 4am this morning, or at least thats what it felt like. So very wobbly today.

    Thanks again !

  • In my opinion the Genova Diagnostics UK adrenal saliva test is better than any of its competitors, the reason being that it includes a DHEA test as part of the price.

    You can find the test here :

    Look at the three tabs Description, Analytes and Requirements, and also read the Additional Resources down the right hand side of the page.

    Genova don't deal directly with the public so ordering and getting test results is not standard. Read up how to do it here :

  • Thank you so much . That's most helpful. I will do what you say. I used to see a private doctor(a few years ago), who was recommended by thyroid UK. He was excellent, but very expensive. He always discovered that it was the DHEA that I needed with added Pregnenalone. I never had any problems with my adrenals then . Certainly couldn't afford him now !!

  • Have you thought about cutting out gluten? I did 3 weeks ago after reading Kelly Brogan's book and what a difference!! Anxiety was daily and awful (even just going round block with the dog) shaky, unsteady, brain fog etc. I CANNOT believe what a difference cutting out gluten has caused!!! Just google 'gluten thyroid and anxiety' and you'll get as fired up as I did. I feel so much better that you couldn't pay me a million quid to eat some toast and I loved toast πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ hope this helps X

  • Thanks Magenta, but I've been gluten free for at least a year now ?

  • I have high cortisol (or I did the last two times I tested, although that was quite a long time ago).

    I took Rhodiola Rosea for a year or two, in the morning only. It mustn't be taken after 1pm because it could affect sleep.

    It made me feel slightly more energetic, and I found it helped me to be able to think. But after taking it for a year or two I found that it was causing me to feel jittery, so I had to stop taking it.

    Edit : I have no reasons to regret taking it. And I wish I still could.

  • Thanks humanbean that's helpful. It's the mornings I'm awful. In the afternoons and evenings I'm much more normal. I work (part time) in finance, and it's a huge struggle to concentrate sometimes and most of my figure work is done in my head. So I would love to have clarity "to think"!!!

  • Lower doses of Rhodiola are stimulating to the adrenals and higher doses of Rhodiola calm the adrenals.

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