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Does anyone take Aventis Cynomel?

I am taking T3 prescribed by my GP. However, one of the inactive ingredients causes me to have severe neck and jaw pain. For this reason I would like to try Cynomel made by Aventis. Does anyone know how I can obtain it? I have checked the ingredients and they are fine regarding the sensitivity I have. It seems there is only one supplier of T3 in the UK. Would be really grateful for any advice.

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I think you might mean CyNomel by Aventis (not CyTomel)?

If I recall correctly, this is a french brand of T3. Perhaps you could call the pharmacies listed on the Thyroid UK website and ask if they would be able to get it for you. Obviously you'll need your GP or endo to write the prescription specifically for this brand, but you could contact the pharamcies first to check availability before getting the prescription written.

This link refers to pharmacies who will obtain desiccated thyroid, but they'll get other medications for you too.


PS: Thanks for correcting spelling of cynomel! x


Thank you RedApple - that is really useful I will call the pharmacies tomorrow.Thanks again for your swift response to my question! :)


Hello Barbara, and anyone else wishing to take Sanofi Adventist Cynomel T3

I take Cynomel T3 and obtain mine from a pharmacie in Belguim.

YOU MUST have a prescription...but it is MUCH cheaper to purchase it from there rather than the Pharmacy in Barnet North London where I had my first prescription via my NHS Endo..l pay 6 Euro's a packet in Belguim. Barnet wanted a great deal more than that..

If any one would like information of the pharmacie please PM me..

Best wishes Donna


Interesting, thanks for posting the info. Am I correct in thinking that you need to actually go to Belgium to get the prescription fulfilled? i.e Belgium pharmacies do not supply by post?


Hi red apple. No need to go to Belguim!they FedEx next day delivery. You MUST have prescription. So much cheaper.i had 12 packets on my prescription and with fed ex delivery in total cost less then 1pkt of Cynomel from the pharmacist in Barnet .if you would like the address and telephone info please me

With best wishes Donna

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Hi Donna - thank you so much for the info in your pm - it is greatly appreciated! I will ask my GP for a written a prescription so that I can fax it to the company. I'm so relieved that I now know how to get hold of it - thanks again! Barbara x :)


Hi Donna

I would be most grateful for info re the Belgian pharmacy who supplies your Sanofi Adventist Cynomel please

Thank you!


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Hi Donna, very interesting.

Could you let me know the other ingredients in Cynomel (apart from liothyronine). I am allergic to lots of excipients, especially talc.

Thanks Ann :-)


Hi Ann - I'm afraid they do contain talc along with. calcium sulphate dihydrate, gelatine, saccharose, corn starch, stearic acid. It really gets to me that medications have all these additives! I take supplements now that have absolutely nothing in them except the vegetable capsule that contains them. They are a bit more expensive but I feel a price cannot be put on health. My point is, if this supplement manufacturer can do it why can't they all?

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Hi Barbara. Would be grateful to know the T3 meds you

take that, apart from capsule, do not include all the other

non active goodies that can upset those of us with

sensitivities ! Very grateful if you could send me details

through - pm. Kind regards


Sanofi Cynomel:

Excipient (s): talc, starch, wheat (gluten), gelatin, calcium sulfate dihydrate, sucrose, stearic acid

From a Google translation of:

The company is now called Sanofi (they dropped Aventis).

This is an old thread so replies are very much less likely than on a new question.



Hi donna, does the aventis cytomel work for you? can you feel it after the ingestion?


I desperately want to order this product. I get a private prescription tomorrow. Could you please let me know how to do this. My name is Heather my e.mail Is <email address> I would greatly appreciate it if you could e mail me. Kind regards, Heather

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If you have a prescription, and are willing and able to pay, call pharmacies until you find one willing to help and not charging too much.

If none of your local ones can, try internet pharmacies:

Of course, I am ignoring pharmacies located abroad because I do not know any that stock Sanofi Cynomel. They certainly exist - I just don't know any.

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Hi Barbara. I have sensitivities too with regards to fillers in meds. I noticed your

post regarding Cynomel. I've been using a Mexican brand (which currently

up available) & looking for an alternative. You had ingredients of the Aventist

Cynomel and were going to try that Brand. I'd be very grateful to know any

info you can give me on that. Non-active ingredients, if it suited you, where

to order from. Would be very grateful. PM me is ok. Thank you.

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