How long does it take to work?

Can someone give me a sense of how long I should wait for feeling better, after increasing my meds? On 24th May I'd been taking 30mcg of slow release T3, and 12.5 mcg of T4 daily. I tested as follows: TSH 33.79, T4 3.4, T3 4.4. (previous test in February had been TSH 19.4, FT3 3.4, FT4 4.6, which was bad enough - and which had prompted me to increase my T3 from 3 daily to 6 daily).

On Dr. P's advice I upped that to 55mcg of slow release T3, and 25mcg of T4 on May 24th. That was 2 weeks ago, and I don't feel any better yet. (Actually my MD just told me to increase the T4 to 50, not 25mcg, but I couldn't see the point in that, and Dr. P said that would be futile so I should instead increase the T3). I also tend to break out in rashes if I eat certain foods too often, risk getting puffy around my eyes, and I can't have any grains or potatoes or I just go into constipation overnight. I also don't eat sugar as I tested high for candida some months ago. (I do have several other issues in my life that are stressful, but there's nothing I can do about those at present). I don't take any other meds. I eat a sensible diet (although I don't have much of an appetite since I got flu badly in March - I seem to have lost interest in foods since then).

Any advice or insight would be MUCH appreciated during this long haul. I also get depressed and feel there's nothing to look forward to, but the last thing I'd consider is 'antidepressants'.

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  • Could you tell us some more about the slow release T3?

    Without breaking the site guidelines, how (in general terms) do you get it? What is in it other than T3? Anything else!

    Not many here seem to be on slow release forms so this might be interesting for quite a few people.


  • I order this from an American pharmacy (we used to live there) and they make it for every customer according to the dosage required. I don't know what they mix it with, but they tumble it for a period of time, put the powder in capsules, and can ship it to the UK. We do have to pay VAT on arrival. They can do any strength needed, I believe. It releases slowly over (I think) a 12 hr period. I can phone them on Monday and find out more

  • Thanks.


    I wonder if your adrenals are at fault? In this scenario, timed release is not recommended.

  • Well Dr. P put me on adrenal support which I'm still on. Are you able to give me your source of information for time release not being recommended if adrenals are at fault?

  • It is in the second paragraph of the link I gave above.

    [The T3 needs to be direct, NOT slow-release. ]

    Turns out that NDT can work for this, too, because of its T3 content, and it’s best to swallow it for the early morning dose to release the T3 more immediately. If you have HARD tablets, chew them up first. Use an acid in your drink like a small amount of Apple Cider Vinegar or lemon juice.

  • Thanks, Heloise. Sorry I hadn't noticed your link before.

  • Hi Rod, Neil Nathan, MD, in his book "hope and Healing" recommends long acting T3.

    Obtained from compounding pharmacy - think only in America, but you're better at web searching than I so maybe you can find U.K. equivalent

  • I have seen varied opinions over the years.

    Was wanting to know if it definitely is a USA compounding pharmacy product.

    Also some say that only a special cellulose substance can be used - and wondered if something else has ever been used successfully.

  • To my prescription, the compounding pharmacy that I use in Florida (Skip's) adds Methocel to allow the slow release process to occur, and they add lactose as a filler. If someone wanted to order it with a new prescription from the UK, they would accept it from a licensed physician outside the US.

  • Hi I also do not know the "sow release" T3, but normal T3 takes 4 weeks to be at optimum, starts to improve after about a week, though.

    You mention sugar, make sure you have had Diabetes tests, autoimmune and hormonal, you do not have to eat any sugar to be diabetic Symptoms to start with very like thyroid disease.. Also has he told you to have the other autoimmune and hormonal tests that go with thyroid disease?

    I agree with you, do not even consider antidepressants until the thyroid is "right", then you should not need them.

    Have you had a malasorbtion test for pancreatic enzyme, also common with thyroid disease. it is a simple stool test, specific , called "Faecal Elastase", if low, idiot proof test, then replacement enzymes, Creon, script or H and B , not a drug

    Best wishes,


  • Hi Jackie, in the chapter on thyroid function (Hope and Healing) Dr. Neil Nathan (America) recommends Long Acting T3.- made by compounding pharmacy

    Not only is it convenient, needs taking only once daily, but he claims that after a short time on it -few months- thyroid seems to sort itself

    As they say if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!

  • Hi Sounds like a lot of research is needed ! Really interesting, but I know my docs are all totally opposed to any thing new, unless used for several years after passed for safety.

    I think some one would be a millionaire! However, always useful to keep up with latest research. One day cures for everything may be found. My kidney disease only "discovered " as a disease about 35 years ago, keeps having a cure round the corner, still waiting!


  • Hi Jackie, Thanks very much for your answer. I had a 'urine glucose test' last October, which is all they did for a diabetes check. Most of the other tests they did then were also normal. It was one of thos general tests where they do a full blood count, and check for all likely things. Are these other autoimmune and hormonal tests that you mention something routine? I hardly know where to start with my endo as I have an appt. for August, but I;m also beginning to get the itchy skin trouble that comes and goes - last night took 3 hrs to get to sleep. One of my main difficutlies is concentrating on paperwork - I dont seem able to keep things in my brain the way I used to be able to ...

  • Hi Endo should do tall the tests you needed, including annual tests ( or ask GP) for Diabetes, B12 + foliates ( needs to be quite high in range) iron/ferritin, also needs to be quite high but might need to self treat after test ( Spatone from Amazon) and vit D, very important, hormonal. If D low, often is , then test for corrected calcium before any treatment as D makes calcium go up a little and must always be in range. These are the basic tests with the TSH, T4 and Free t3, the Endo may well do other useful ones too.

    Best wishes,


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