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Low cortisol


I saw dr peatfield in 2013 who diagnosed adrenal exhaustation and i started taking nax. Felt better until 2015 when i crashed and slept forever. My thyroid always been bordeline underactive and t4 low. Sorted out all my vits such as d, b12, folate etc and these are now optimal. At time of crash i aslo started taking ndt. For last 2 months ive felt awful.did private test and t3 too high so have stopped ndt. My cortisol blood test last week at time of 2015 crash was 189 range 171-536.

Last week cortisol blood was 105 range 171-536.

My iron was high and i dont take supplements so i think candida has taken over again.

Gp has referred me to endo urgently. My question is have the supplements just stopped working now. Are my adrenals too far gone? If so i believe next step could be steroids which im not keen on coz of side effects.

I was going to do a cortisol saliva test but ive heard that endos will ignore it.

Im just about hanging in there. Im exhausted and struggle to wake up in mornings.

Ive suffered with this for over 20 years and can sleep for hours on isnt as bad as that just yet but its heading that way again.

Would be really grateful for any advice

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It is my experience that saliva cortisol tests will be ignored by endo's & GP's. You seem to be doing everything you can in terms of optimal iron, vitamins etc. How do you know that your adrenals are well enough supported to tolerate thyroid meds? You quite possibly do have a Rt3 issue. I am sure there are more well informed people in this group than me that will advise you further. Have you looked at the adrenals-Rt3 yahoo group? They too provide good advice and have a protocol to follow to check if your adrenals are well enough supported and will interpret test results. There's so much information out there.

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Hi tr3cam

Thank you so much for taking the time to reply. I hadnt heard of rt3adrenal site so thank you


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