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Could some of you kind people comment on the following results for cortisol?

550 nmol/L (normal range 171 to 536 nmol/L)

19.9 ug/dL (6.2 to 19.4 ug/dL)

These results are following a blood test in response to feeling tired and sleepy, tendency to put on weight around the middle, desire to eat carbs and not inclined to eat fruit and veg, plus slightly spaced out feelings. Mum is Graves (treated by RAI) and Dad a type 2 diabetic. The person in question is 18.

The blood test was taken in the morning and the normal ranges given vary according to the time of day the blood is taken.

We have a doctor's appointment this week.

Any comments, and suggested next step?

Thanks so much

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What was ur baseline cortisol level liz? Did u increase to 550? My Vaseline was 379 and I increaed to 489 which in all test interpretations is deemed as a fail but I was advised I passed due to my ACTH being low at 6. Ur supposed to increase from baseline by 200 or reach a minimum of 480. I am classes as a borderline pass and no further treatment required. Hope this helps?


A 24-hour saliva cortisol test will give you a better idea of what is happening with your cortisol levels - they vary dramatically during the course of a day and you may be over range at one time and below range at another.


how does one go about getting this test?

Is it widely available through the GP or do you have to have it done privately?


Genova Diagnostics - Parkgate House - 356 West Barnes Lane - New Malden - Surrey - KT3 6NB - Phone number 0208 336 7750. Email : Kit - Website -


The Specialist Biochemistry department at University Hospital Southampton carry out salivary cortisol testing as a NHS service. This service will only assess cortisol (not DHEA) but it is a good starting point. This is a NHS service and it is free for NHS patients. Please call 02380 798717 for further detail


thank you very much for that :)


Thank you all for responding. We don't live in the UK so I think we'll just have to go with the advice we get here - so far we've just been offered blood tests but we're right at the beginning of investigations.


You can do the saliva test from overseas through the Canary Club


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