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BLood test results again ! sorry receptionist read them out to me wrong .. and is my T3 normal for the TSH and T4 results


Blood results receptionist gave me them slightly wrong on phone so thought better update to see if someone can tell me what's going on with them, I was on 150 mgs levorthyroxine I self upped them to 200 mgs as still felt bad, anyway after results and dr telling me I was being fried he told me to reduce them so now back on 150mgs Levoroxine

TSH -less than -0.004 miu/L-------RANGE - U 0.35 - flagged -over range

FREE T4 ------ 22.9 pmol/L--- RANGE---U 9 - 19..... red flagged -over range

FREE T3------ -5.0 pmol/L RANGE- U 2.6 - 5.7

Serum oestradol level 420 pmol/L range on post menopausal on HRT: < 528 pmol/L

Taking Sandrena gel estrogel -- 1.0mg and mirena coil for progesterone is there room to up dosage ?

Sex hormone binding globulin:

Serum sex hormone binding glob : 72.2 nmol/L Range U 16.7 - 124.4

Free androgen index. 0.5 Range U 0.5 - 4.7

Testosterone 0.4nmol/L range U 0.5 - 1.2 Red flagged out of range

Is the free T3 good or bad at the TSH T4 results as I really do not understand the conversions of it , I'm not getting it ? math is not my best subject and am confused what some people say isn't suppressed or what is high or low in the numbers , they say my TSH is high ? hyper and not sure if the T4 or T3 is low or high , sorry to seem thick but can't help that lol so is my T4 high or low at 22. and same is 5. High or low ? T3 is that high or low at 5 ? I am totally confused with it all I am also freezing cold all the time so do not feel hyper and am fatigued all the time hair thinning

The only other bloods that look like they are out of range are these below on full blood count the rest are with in range .

Haematocrit 0.391 l/l range U 0.37 - 0.46

Monocytes 0.46 10*9/l range. U 0.2 - 0.8

Eosaonophil 0.10 10*9/l range U < 0.4

Basalphil 0.05 10*9/l Range U < 0.1

The reduction of Levo was made about 2 weeks ago, I still feel cold and ache dizziness and now I feel tired again and added bonus I'm seeing double late on in the day , and seemed to have gained weight again I'm so fed up with never feeling normal it's been years , well was before I went on thyroxine the weight has piled on

I asked Dr if I could up them 25mgs he said yes , I have to pick them up today so not sure how I feel on higher dose yet,

I booked to have bloods redone in 6 weeks which is with a nurse, I asked if the Dr needs to write out the form for me and receptionist told me the nurse will do what tests I want ? I'm not convinced I will be able to order all the tests you suggest on web page surely a Dr will have to write down the freeT3 and I was going to ask for T3 reverse plus all the vitamins and ferritin etc .. is that a new thing you can self refer to nurse for blood tests ? As not heard of that before , but if it is the case shall I get her to put on form ? hypothyroid not converting to get them all done. I have for years had an extremely low blood pressure and my basal temp early morning ranges from 34.4 to 35.8 but it goes to 36.1 at highest mid afternoon but back to 35.8 bed time ? I only feel normal temp not freezing when sun is out!

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I should of said I had partial thyroidectomy in my teens as was dangerously hyper but was ok till I was40 ( now 53 yrs )then went Hypo and have felt really bad since gaining weight and general feeling of unwellness, 2 yrs ago when I had given Drs a list of how I felt he put me on HRT premique which I later found out was horse urine yuck , but then that was taken off the market ,my body was all over the place when I was put on other HRT blowing up like a balloon they didn't suit me at all, I did reasearch and this seemed the safest one and as is gel applied to my thigh at night it doesn't go through liver so seemed the best option better than horse urine that's for sure. I feel parts of my body have filled out like my breasts feel better fuller it makes me feel a tiny bit better but not life changing I still ache and have all symptoms being Hypo I think the Dr should of tested my thyroid at that time I gave him my list of symptoms I gave him , as a year later I was more hypo and was on 100mgs Levo which was then upped to 150mgs So not sure if I went on HRT for wrong reasons , but even with HRT and Levo I still feel cr*p all th Stimson and have to spend many days in bed as have zero energy to do anything, my shoulder I have had to have steroids in caused for reason had X-rays all clear, physiology said I have no reflexes and this is whilst I am Supposedly Hypo ?

Hi - as said against your previous posts. Those thyroid numbers look good but you haven't checked any of your nutrients. You still need numbers for vit d, vit b12, folate and ferritin. Even though your thyroid blood numbers are good, if your nutrients are deficient - which is almost universal with hypo - you will not feel well.

And yes, you really do need to trial a strict gluten free diet for at least 3 months. Gluten is not just in bread as you stated, it is in all sorts of other stuff - do you ever eat pasta? cereal? thick sauces? anything cooked in breadcrumbs or batter? cakes or biscuits? All these, and many more besides, contain gluten.

Feeling better with hypothyroid does involve a fair degree of commitment, there is no miracle pill that will take away all the issues without personal effort as well, but it really can be done. How badly do you want to feel better?


Thank you star :) Is 0.004 close to 0.04 on TSH then ? I'm not familiar with levels, I used to tell my mother them as she was a nurse , but she passed away 5 yrs ago and I just haven't bothered asking , but will be from now on ,I don't eat pasta , i never eat cereals or breakfast , never have felt hungry in the morning I mainly eat stews, oxo cube arrow root to thicken it ? Dont like bread crumbs and rarely eat batter ,I have fish vegatables quite a bit I don't eat potatos very occasionally but will eat sweet potato , I do eat Greek yogurt at times ? I'm quite plain eater as watch my weight only sauce is ketchup at times, and very rarely a Chinese , I do occasionally eat the odd biscuit :) I was on 200 mgs thyroxine Dr downed it 50 mgs ,The dr has now upped dose 25mgs so now as asked if ok ,on 175 mgs Levo only started that yesterday I hope it doesn't cause more hair loss as that normally happens each change of brand , , take it 4am now , used to take it with a million other drugs , I also managed to get hold mercury Pharma Levo which I had 3 yrs ago I used to feel better on them although not hugely my old pharmacist changed Levo on regular basis and the one TEVO new formula I fell to bits on then Activa was slightly better than TEVO i have the joys of waiting to see what this one does as they have probably changed formula since I last had it 3 years ago. Can food cause cramps every night , hair loss, memory fog, Carpel syndrome, weight gain, water retention , shortness of breath , fatigueness low blood pressure low body temp some times 34.5- 35.8 early morning I do in afternoon get up to 36.1 but still cold I have to stay in bed on many occasions as have zero energy , feel worse than I did before I ever had Levoroxine and the hypo symptoms were just weight gain and sleepiness none of these other things I literally started falling apart,

I get Shooting pains in my veins , aches and pains all over, I've had to have steroid injection in arms for pain , my sciatica set off afterTevo and loss use of left leg for a month my, knee still keeps giving way but can walk now ,freezing cold, my nails are brittle and won't grow and hair doesnt grow anymore I prob have more symptoms but forget what they are till they happen again :( I'm on vitamin D have been for 5yr ,I take cod liver oil plus multi vitamins daily , codiene for the pain, and heartburn tablets and anti diahrea tablets, . I will go on gluten free diet as shouldn't have to change that much the biscuits maybe the arrow root ? As not sure on that, stop the Chinese once every 4 weeks that will kill me lol as love it but sure they can cater for me, I will give anything a go if it stops all these symptoms , maybe I should have that D102 genetic test done ?

Hi - your TSH is below range but that is not a worry for any knowledgeable person - might be for a doctor. Your ft4 is slightly over - how long before that test dis you take your levo? Was the test first thing and fasted? I'm not quite clear what dose you were on when those tests were taken and what dose you are on now?

Your ft3 could be slightly higher but isn't too bad. It certainly seems a bit inconsistent with your fairly major sounding symptoms, which is why I have been suggesting you need to have your nutrients tested. Deficiencies in those could be causing your symptoms and they could be sorted with some decent supplements.

I wouldn't bother with the DI02 test, your conversion isn't brilliant but is isn't that bad either. I would in preference test the nutrients - comprehensive tests run to around £110-£120 depending on special offers from Blue Horizon or Medichecks - then buy whatever decent supplements (come back for advice on brands, timing, co-factors, interactions, etc).

Strict gluten free is recommended for hypo/hashis because it is the most common food intolerance that damages the gut, triggering the immune system and causing malabsorption and nutrient issues.

By the way, I took 3000iu vit D3 per day for 18 months and my level was still only 66 as opposed to over 100 optimum. We hypos seem to have issues with it.

Many people are sensitive to different fillers in different brands of levo. If you find one that suits you, ask your pharmacy to only supply that one or ring around till you find one that has that brand and take prescription there.


stargaingirl only ly thing on my fully bloods were basophil was raised but dr said that's nothing, I am booking bloods for 5and half weeks time so will get as much as I can that they allow me to have , I have got to for dosage change on Levo or do you think I should do certain ones before that ? Thanks for help xx

Not confirmed I have Hashis, had graves years ago thyroid storm had to have part thyroidectomy to which I was ok till about ten years ago and has been hell since :( will get bloods don see if I have, I was on 150mgs felt tired all time so I upped it to 200mgs took blood tests about 2 weeks ago and they were the results so dr dropped Levo to 150mgs I started getting sleepy again and asked if I could take 25mgs more he said yes so only started yesterday, I did take the Levo that morning I didn't realise you wasn't supposed to, I know for next one, so now on 175mgs and going for bloods in about 5half weeks , I'm on AD-cal D calcium carbonate 1200mgs and Vitamin D 3000 mgs per day . This is last Levo I can only hope not allergic to it if that's the case I will just have to suffer it.. could you tell me what T 3 is good at what number as confused with it all low high . same as T4 , and what should I be aiming to get them roughly to ? As fine tuning maybe needed here ,fed up with it all tbh I would love to live pain free, I never get stomach cramps ever , not allergic to everything just become allergic to seafood lately, but that could be because I got severely poisoned by them . Which can cause an allergy so I'm told by people , my family most are allergic to shell fish where as I used to be able to eat them.. my asthma has got worse even though given up smoking but only when I walk I get out of breath . I've added a few allergic reactions to meds but serious ones where face all blew up, but was allergic to oral iodine. When I had thyroid storm that's why I had the operation, thank god they left part thyroid in as if I had had Levo straight away I would of had no life :( I was going to Try bit of T3 see if that worked but doesn't look like I will be able to now :( it's really c**p but you probably feel the same .. thanks for all advice will add Vitamin E and calcium on as well . Try get them all on NHS at the moment as not working as feel way to ill to work :( so money isn't free flowing as it used to be ... cheers x

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