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I'm sorry I can't find my other post to add this on. I have had 2 gp appointments and they couldn't be more different. The first doctor asked for another blood test and only did tft. Saw different, usual gp who took a full history, full symptoms examined my neck and got me to have a drink and felt again. She has requested an urgent ultrasound as she can feel swelling. She has requested lots of bloods if I can remember them all tsh t3 t4 antibodies, pituitary hormone, b12, ferritin, full blood count, calcium, plasma viscosity,

She has said that although my recent tft was within normal parameters there is something going on. It may be that I am hypo but bloods not showing it yet. She wants to rule other stuff out too. She mentioned referral to an endocrinologist if results are inconclusive. She has promised she will get to the bottom of it.

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Thank you I clicked everything I could and deactivated myself initially lol

Very common with gluten intolerance to have low vitamin D, possibly also low folate, B12 and ferritin.

Ask GP to test, if these have not been done. Also Thyroid antibodies.

Magnesium is also often low, but no point testing really. You could try magnesium supplement, e.g. magnesium citrate powder



Thank you she may have included some I couldn't remember them all x

Good to know that there are a few decent doctors out there, willing to listen, believe the patient and investigate. Shame there aren't a lot more like that.

I hope your tests her to the bottom of your problem dotster

Thank you, yes I am very lucky, she also diagnosed my gluten intolerance when other doctor said it was ibs get used to it

dotster, I wish I had a doctor like that!!

I am so lucky and I really do appreciate it, that said I have had the 'pleasure' of some awful doctors in my time but she more than makes up for it.

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