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NHS Frustration....Independent Tests?

I saw my GP last Monday at which time I was requesting more tests on my thyroid. She was reluctant but finally gave in and requested blood tests. She called for a full blood count, T4. Iron and Vitamin D. I called and results were back today. I requested a copy. I picked it up shortly ago and I am really frustrated. Nothing about T4 was on there. I called thinking maybe they didn't get it printed correctly. They looked and said T4 was not requested. I very well saw it on the form I took in when I saw the nurse to draw my blood. I think at this point I would rather go independent. 1. Who do you all recommend for private testing? 2. Can anyone recommend a functional doctor within an hour (or just slightly more) of Northampton?

Kind regards,


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Kimberley, you can order private thyroid tests from Blue Horizon and Genova via


Thank you! That's the one I was trying to think of. I've ordered it now. Thank you again!


Kimberly.........just a small suggestion is to take a copy of your blood test forms so that you have a record of what was asked for,then there can be no dispute.I keep mine together with a print out of my results in a folder for easy reference.


I should have done that and thought about it now that this happened. They are supposed to be checking with the doctor to see if she meant for me to have it. I am not holding my breath for the call back that they promised.


Never mind ......just something for the future......I forgot to do mine a while ago and got annoyed with myself,but luckily it was only a few tests which I knew were all done.

Hope you get sorted.

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I took copy of blood test form so knew t3 specifically noted and requested ...but not done (again) endo said she expected their equipment was broken! I insisted on another test and she said she would phone lab. It's wasting everyone's time to hve to go back although that's what I'm doing today, seems labs are getting too big for their boots.

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I totally sympathise.

The first time my FT3 wasn't done ( ordered by my Endo) my GP said to me I'm sure it was just a mistake!!

I think we've seen too many tests not being done here to know better than that.

This is why I drive 8 miles to the hospital where my Endo's clinic is to get my tests done so that it is all in house ,rather than popping up the road to my local clinic.

When my FT3 test was reordered I asked the phlebotomist how they thought our consultants could make an accurate diagnosis if they weren't given the information they asked for?

They now get done !


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