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Can anyone advise me on whether NDT has to be prescribed? I have mentioned it to my GP and they will not consider or prescribe it and just blarts out negativities and 'risks' about it. If anyone does take it without peescription and gets good results, which brands are best? I have read that there are superior brands to Armour but have no idea. I have read Thyroid for Dummies written by a U.S MD who feels that NDT is better for most people.

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Oops! Spelling error: meant to type prescription not peescription... having a 'moment' :)

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No, a lot of us just buy our own (after extensive research) naturethroid suits me.

It's porcine based, an old medicine superseded by the synthetic levo.

You could try asking your GP for NDT on a "named patient basis".

Put NDT in the search box, here's a recent thread which may help...

I'm waiting for things to turn full circle going back to natural cures.

Jane :D


Thank you spareribs, very helpful :)

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A hospital "doctor" was fully prepared to prescribe me NDT BUT it would have been a private prescription which would have cost me 10X what it then cost to buy Thai NDT on the web. I am neither a millionaire nor a fool so I refused.

Make sure to check with the pharmacist the full cost of such a prescription compared to the Thai NDT before you head in that direction. Make sure to compare "like with like" as they come in different quantities and strengths.

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