Can anyone please advise if they have used a product other than Armour and if it was any good? Price of Armour has gone up dramarically I am told and other brands are available at more affordable rates. I have not used Ndt before but have been advised to give it go for Hypothyroidism and multinodular goitre along with an adrenal support supplemant. I will need to source privately as my gp surgery do not prescribe Ndt. Any advice input appreciated along with a pm on where I can purchase without prescription.

Thank you

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  • I just came across this list of alternatives to Armour: stopthethyroidmadness.com/o...

    I have tried Nature Thyroid before and didn't notice any difference but only used it for a short time. I like you am thinking of switching again on cost grounds. I have just emailed my pharmacy asking for price information for Armour, Erfa and Nature but you would need a prescription for the one I use.

  • I use WP Thyroid and liothyronine combo, have never used armour so can't compare, but I like it as I doesn't have a lactose coating.

  • Thanks Pixielula - could you message me with where to purchase from? thank you

  • Thank you Claudiasmum - very helpful list!

  • Tiamosta If you look at the list claudiasmum has linked to, and look at number 7 on that list, I know quite a few people who do well on one or other of the first two mentioned. One supplier actually does a 'bundle' of the two, one bottle of each, so you can try before spending too much money on a large supply.

  • Thank you SeasideSusie - would you mind messaging me the supplier details pls?

  • Hello Tiamosta I did a straight swap from NP Acella to Nature Throid without issue, some six months ago. The pharmacy I use has long said that Armour is v expensive and perhaps another NDT would suit just as well...it's the fillers which are a b*gger for some, is my understanding, but on the basis of what I did, not for me

    Hope that helps :)

  • It does indeed, thank you!! Could you message me where you get yours from too pls?

    Thank u x

  • I'm glad you asked that question Tiamosta. I quit taking Armour last week because since I started it last October I have continually lost weight. That would normally be a good thing but I've lost over 50 pounds and was losing more each day. I look anorexic and didn't know what else to do. So I've been on no thyroid meds for a week. I feel good and have gained a few precious pounds but I know I'm going to hit rock bottom once my levels go crazy. I'm not sure which med I'm going to try next but I don't think Armour is a good fit for me. I was on Synthroid for 14 years prior and couldn't lose a pound. This disease is so crazy and doctors just don't know enough about it to really help.

    I hope you find a good NDT, please check back in if you find one that you like.

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