Is betteryou magnesium spray any good?

Hi guys,

I have tight neck and jaw muscles which is causing tinnitus and vertigo issues (everday). ENT diagnosed. I have an anti inflammatory to rub in for a month and see how i go. I wondered about the betteryou transdermal spray to relax the muscles and see if it helps. Anybody tried it? Did it help? Can I make my own from epsom salts?



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I use the Goodnight BetterYou Magnesium Spray on my legs and knees at night. It helps painful knees and gives me a good night's sleep.

excellent, thanks for response. my partner has sore finger joints so we thought we might try it on him as well :)

I have used it for long time. It's excellent.

My mom uses it for her sore knee and palpitations

My dad uses it just make sure he gets magnesium.

It's great - would thoroughly recommend. I use it sometimes to relieve some of my neck/shoulder tension which gets really bad when I have migraines so might help with your tight neck/jaw too. And my mum uses it to help with her tight calves and finds it makes a big difference.

Me too. I find it also helps me sleep. Give it a whirl but build up slowly x

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