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Magnesium oil spray vs tablets - no contest?

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I post this link as I have been trying magnesium supplements alongside oil spray.

In my limited time so far there appears to be only one winner. I had resisted the spray as it was a gift and would never have bought it. I am slowly but surely getting into the swing of it !

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If you like the mag oil spray you might also enjoy Epsom salt baths.

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Danielj1 in reply to Clutter

Can they work as well as spray - can you let me know


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Clutter in reply to Danielj1


No idea, I haven't tried them, you'll have to try them for yourself.

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BadHare in reply to Danielj1

Use a minumum 500g of epsom salts, & soak for a minimum 20 minutes. This isn't too dear if you buy a 25g sack from that bidding site. I've also used magnesium hexahydrate crystals which are a tad dearer, though less needed. I have 24kg of Himalayan salt, which works too, but I haven't used it for bathing as it was too gritty, & a nuisance having to remember to dissolve it & wait days for the sediment to settle.

It's really cheap to make a spray using magnesium hexahydrate. I've just found a shop selling Westlab's 500g for £2.49, which will last nearly two months if I dilute 75g to one 200ml bottle of witch hazel. I think this ratio is about half the strength of the shop bought sprays, but more suitable for me to use almost everywhere as I find the commercial ones strong enough to make my skin folds peel. Boiled or distilled water would be fine, I only use witch hazel as my skin is so wuss.

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Flower121 in reply to BadHare

Thank you, i want to try it but i'm a bit worries. i bought magnesium oil from holland and barrett for £12 and its only 100ml, its quite strong and on the bottle it says to use 10 sprays which i do and i'v been doing it for a week and honstly i really like it. But i think its a bit too expensive for me to buy regularly as i first bought 15ml for £3 to test it and it finished in a week and as i'm only 16 i'm not really earning yet obvs;) thank you

Epsom salt baths are amazing! Hate the feel and smell of the spray. Use supplements to help headaches and constipation..successfully!

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BadHare in reply to thyroidquest

I've temporarily suspended the spray until the weather's warmer, as it makes my skin feel damp when it's cold. I found the stuff I made quite tolerable, otherwise, as is the commercial stuff diluted by half. It acts as a deodorant, too, but again diluted, or it makes my armpit skin peel.

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Flower121 in reply to BadHare

should i warm the witch hazel so the episome salt crystals can dissolve?

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BadHare in reply to Flower121

Sorry for the tardy reply!

I don't warm the witch hazel, but would boil water if I was using that to dissolve magnesium. I use magnesium hexahydrate crystals rather than epsom salts, which are about the same cost.

Love the sprays! Better you brand. Absolute lifesaver as it works instantly when I have aches pains and spasms

Even worked on tummy pain and indigestion a few times when antacids didn’t touch it.

But yes it does feel sticky and don’t like the feel after... I usually wash it off after an hour or so

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