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Hi All

I need a bit of advise. I have been diagnosed with Undifferentiated Connective Tissue Disease and Thyroiditis a year ago and I take Hydroxychloroquine everyday since, nothing for thyroid. I have recently asked my rheumatologist for copy of my blood test results, which they have send and I could see high Vit B12 (1196pg/ml), range is between 191 - 663. They haven't said anything to me about it :(

I am really concerned, as I suffer from severe fatigue, digestive issues, massive loss of hair. I hope someone can advise. Thank you x


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  • Have you supplemented vitamin B12 over the last couple of years at all? Or taken multivitamins or B Complex supplements?

  • No, never :(

  • The only Vitamins I take are Fish oil and Vit D. Doctors are not giving too much of advise :(

  • This may be relevant :


    For information on vitamin B12 you would be best advised to speak to the people in the Pernicious Anaemia forum, another community on HealthUnlocked. You would have to join/follow the group in the same way that you joined this one :


    Vitamin B12 is not dangerous. Having a high level of B12 without supplementing may be a symptom of a possible problem it isn't a cause of a problem.

  • Thank you so much humanbean, I will have a look now xx

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