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Vit D & B12 Results

Hi, my doc said I was Vit D deficient just over 3 months ago and put me on a course of Invita D3, I went back for another blood test 2 weeks ago and back to the surgery this morning for the results. The figure he said was fine at 127 and to continue with D3 solution 25,000 units monthly.

I also enquired about my B12 which I had done earlier in the year and he said the figure for that was 371 also normal.

I switched for 100mcg Levo to Armour 5 weeks ago and have worked upto 1.25 grains and I'll get all my bloods done again in 7-8 weeks (Thyroid check plus 10 - TSH, FT4, FT3, TT4,Thyroid Peroxidase Antibodies

Thyroglobulin Antibodies, Ferritin, Folate, Vitamin B12, C Reactive Protein) and post again when they come back in.

Can anyone comment on the Vit D and B12 levels, are they optimal?

I have noticed some improvement since I started the Armour in that my headaches seem to have stopped and my dizzyspells are not nearly as violent as they were, constipation also stopped and scaly skin on my knuckles also improving, just need to lose some weight and get rid of the muscle pain in the back of my thighs and bone pain in my hips when jogging.

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Anything under 500 for B12 can incur neurological symptoms - anyone seen my car keys - being one !

When Hypo we need B12 to be towards the top of the range - or around 1000 to prevent cognitive decline....

VitD looking good - just keep up with the maintenance dose if possible :-)

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Marz, thanks that would explain a few things.

Can you suggest a suitable B12 supplement and dosage?


Thor, I supplemented 1,200mcg BetterYou Boost B12 spray for 8 weeks and B12 rose from low 300s to >700. Switched to Jarrows Formula 1,000mcg sublingual lozenges which I still use.


Hi Thor - in the beginning I would try the 5000mcg Jarrow Methylcobalamin - keep under the tongue until dissolved and taken up by the micro-circulation. This avoids any stomach/gut issues. Clutters advice about the spray is also good. You could use both ! So little B12 actually gets absorbed.

You will also need a GOOD B Complex containing either Folic Acid or Methylfolate. Thorne Research do one containing the latter. Folic Acid works with the B12 in the body and holds onto it longer.

Once on supplements further testing is of little or no use as the results are skewed. I would always assume you are low and keep on supplementing. Especially as we age as low B12 and VitD are linked to brain shrinkage and Alzheimers.....


I'm glad to know you are improving on Armour and am sure when you reach your optimum level your symptoms will disappear.

There have been some replies recently re B12 and although we may be 'in range' the recommendation is a result of 1000 is best.

This is a link re Vitamin D which may be helpful.


Thank you Shaws also for your reply, looks like I've got to get on the B12 supplements.


jarrow formulas methylcobalamin 5000 iu is what I generally use for B12, but as I am slightly sensitive to the citric acid in it, I sometimes use Swansons methylcobalamin 5000iu. Both sublingual. Not many companies do a 5000iu sublingual methylcobalamin without folic acid (which i don't need/take).


Get sublingual methylcobalamin B12 which dissolve under the tongue (quickly) and go directly into the bloodstream.


Many thanks for all your replies and suggestions, I have already ordered some 5000mcg Jarrow Methylcobalamin (4 months) maybe I can drop down to a lower dose later.


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