Vit B12 and thyroid

Just read about the person who is trying to lose weight whilst being hypo, her diet of 1200 calories and good food.

I'm hypo since 2008-9 and on Levothyroxing, so following Grey Goose's advise and have taken Vit B12 for 2 weeks, now having a "rest" for a couple of weeks and will do another 2 weeks again of Vit B12. Is that the best way? I haven't tested to see if I lacked it or the other Vitamins, iron and so on but I really noticed that my usual searching for words, lack of memory improved greatly after taking it. Would the Vit B12 help in weight loss?

Also what is Thyroid Eye disease?

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Vivbr, if your B12 is low you should be taking it every day. As you noticed improvement after taking B12 it seems likely your level is low and needs daily supplementation. I've not read that B12 aids weight loss but if it makes you feel more energetic and you can increase activity or exercise that will help.

I take b12 and it has not made a slightest difference with my weight but I have noticed I felt more energy, like clutter says if you feel you can, increase your activity.

I seem to be different in many ways as after starting b12 I have lost weight and hard to put it up again. Tho I was skinny in the beginning and no restricted calories. My doc guessed it could be due healing process where my body uses calories faster to build up.

Ps too little calories can mess up thyroid function and lead to weight gain.

If we are not on an optimum of medication to raise our metabolism back to normal, weight gain can also be the result. Although it is very common before being diagnosed to notice weight gain which puzzles many people.

This is an explanation:

" Although it is very common before being diagnosed to notice weight gain which puzzles many people."

Don't you mean AFTER diagnosis? Why would people be puzzled about weight gain before?

That is not a fantastic article because it doesn't go far enough. Certainly if your TSH is too high you can continue to gain weight, even if it's in the 'normal' range. But what about people who continue to gain with a suppressed TSH?!? (Don't look now, but I think that's me!)

The important thing is the T3 level, not the TSH. Thyroid Stimulating Hormone does not, in or off itself, cause you to gain weight - that's the impression this article gives. You need good levels of T3, and whilst a high TSH can denote low T3, a suppressed TSH does not guarantee that your levels of T3 are optimal. Rather misleading, I thought.

Lots of people who watch their weight are puzzled when they are eating 'correctly', have watched their weight and are now gaining weight but are eventually diagnosed as hypothyroid. Not everyone of course gains weight.

I do know too that there's complaint of weight gain increase after being on levo too.

I am not a scientist and it was scientists who did the study and this is what they found over a 3.5 year study of patients and this is an excerpt and, of course, whether suppressed or 'in range' we are all different. This study covered patients for 3.5 years: excerpt.

At follow-up 3.5 years later, increases of the TSH level within the reference range “was strongly and linearly

associated with weight gain.”

I believe the article is mainly levothyroxine and weight gain as synthroid is stated.

Of course I definitely agree with T3 as being the most important but this study was mainly concerned with weight gained and synthroid was mentioned.

I think one of the most common posts is regarding weight gain even when they have been dieting, some even gain when dieting!.

OK! I undestand. lol Couldn't work that out.

Yes, agreed, it was written by scientists, but even scientists have their blind spots. I just want to avoid people getting the idea that TSH is somehow responsible for something - anything! We have to keep that TSH in its place - a diagnostic tool, and not much else.

You and I know the TSH is irrelevant to how we are feeling but it's a pity the professional associations are stubborn about its place overall and not taking sufficient notice of T3 and Free T3. How many have low T3's and nothing's done about it but meds adjusted willy-nilly to keep TSH in range.

So many doctors/endos have told me the T3 is totally irrelevant! One wonders how they managed to qualify... Oh, wait a minute, their teachers think T3 is irrelelvant too! Pft! Anyway, we have to spread the word on here, Don't we. :)

I've just responded in another post that the BTA's surmising of a trial of T3/T4 was a failure. The problem is I think they used a wrong combination, i.e. not a 1 T3 to a 3 T4. I believe their T3 was too low and T4 too high to be of benefit.

That's usually the case, isn't it. Do they deliberately set it up to fail? Or are they really just so very ignorant?!? That's why people have to learn about their own disease so they recognise things like that and can correct them, one way or another.

vivbr, I'm sure greygoose didn't advise anyone to take it for two weeks and than have a break. What she surely did advise - although I Don't remember the thread in question - is to have your B12 tested BEFORE starting to supplement so that you know how much to take. And then taking it with a B complex - containing methylfolate rather than folic acid - because the Bs all work together and need to be balanced.

She would also have advised having vit D, iron and ferritin tested, and probably said that most people are magnesium deficient, but you probably wouldn't get it tested, so just try taking some. And she could have mentioned that nutritional deficiencies in themselves can cause weight gain. But I very much doubt she would have said that taking B12 helps you lose weight! :) It might, but then, it very well might not.

The point is, though, that if we aren't well nourished, we cannot use the hormone we are giving our bodies. All nutrients need to be optimal in order to absorb and convert the T4, and absorb the T3 it's converted into. And if we're low in T3, then we are going to put on weight and be unable to lose it. And if she didn't say all that in so many words, that's what she meant. :D

Hugs, Grey

Thanks for your answer, clear and what I needed to know. I asked the pharmacist about the B12 and how long to take it, she advised 2 weeks. I didn't tell her I hadn't tested to see if I needed it, I just felt that I needed it. IN any case the rest of my questions are answered. Thanks again.

I would never ask a pharmacist anything - I'd ask on here! You may have read some of my previous rantings about pharmacists, if not, let's just say, I wouldn't even trust the answer if I asked them what day it was, let alone how long to take a vitamin!

Well in fact the problem is that the things said here and by the regular doctors, even - especially - specialists are so different that either we take note of a forum where you guys are wonderful but what are your experiences, qualifications, overall knowledge and follow to the letter what you say and ideas you develop or we try to use common sense, listen to the doctors with one ear and at the same time being sceptical. I live in France and the French doctors are more or less the same as in the UK, some however listen but I think that what Grey goose said is really, really important and that is that they dont know enough about, or consider important enough the implications of diet, the balance of vitamins/enzymes and the well being. The most important indicators after all, as each person is an individual is to listen and work out the best solution per patient/person. Perhaps they dont do this because they dont have enough time to think to listen or ask the patient what he/she thinks or how they feel.

Hey there this is my life and health and I need to choose my own path to wellness and well being. I'm astounded each time I go to the doctor with my mother in the UK because they never really listen to her and treat her like she is senile, which she is not, even at 92. So the best is probably to find a doctor specialised in well-being!!!! Thanks for all of your help and advise I find it absolutey mind opening and enjoy listening to you.

I tried Vit B12 some years ago not for any special reason but because it kept getting such good reports on TUK. I stopped because it caused weight loss and as I am on the thin side (in spite of being hypo T) definitely didn't want to lose weight!

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