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B12 & vit d

So reff previous post my b12 is 145 and my vit d is 36

My doctor has put me on tablets for 3 months !

Looking at others levels their doctors have put them on injections asap as higher levelsthan mine aare classed as low,what do I do ?? Change doctor and try and get seen asap I have severe numbness pins and needles in hand ect so much so was made to have a carpal tunnel opp in one hand but before they did other one I got bloods done,now it shows this,why don't they listen ???

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You do not say which tablets the Doc prescribed....

I posted many useful links and advice in your last thread - so have another read... :-)


My serum folate is 3.6

Ferritin is 48


50mcg of cyanocobalamin

800 unit of colecalciferol

5mg of folic acid

All 1 tab per day x


Well that wouldn't cure an ant ! Can you purchase your B12 from the Internet - JARROW METHYLCOBALAMIN 1000mcg and take 2 a day. Chew and keep them under the tongue. When taking B12 it is IMPORTANT to take a GOOD B Complex to keep all the B's in balance. OK the FA is fine. 800IU's of VitD is not adequate....based on your results you need to be taking at least 5000 IU's daily. Be tested again 6 months. Take Vitamin K2 with the D3 as VitD increases the production of Calcium and K2 directs it into the bones....\

Am beginning to think Docs do not want patients to be well - :-(

Please read the post in your previous thread - where I gave you similar advice and posted the websites. Am afraid to be well you have to keep reading and learning.


I have looked through both links but its all a lot to take in at the moment and harder to see on my phone I can give it a good read when on the pc :-)


Thank you,I don't understand why they can't get things rite anymore :-( this is the start of my journey to getting better well felling better but at this rate with the Dr it will take years !!!

That's why I'm glad I found this site,so people like yourself can help talk me through it x


You can do it ! Vitamins and minerals are not part of the medical training. Sometimes Docs take an interest but mostly not. They only know what they know and we have to fill in the gaps....:-(

Keep posting ...

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