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What Dose of Vit D and Vit B12 should I take


I have previously posted a question regarding the amount of Vit D and Vit B12 I should take

I have just received my order, Vit D spray is one spray equals 3000i.u. and Vit B12 one spray equals 1200mcg

My levels are Vit D 22 and Vit B12 377 could anyone please advise what dose I should take to hopefully get my levels up quickly

Many thanks


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A maintenance dose for VitD is 1,000iu's (in other words if you want to maintain your levels as they are then 1,000iu's daily will do it) but if you want to increase your levels - which I know

you do - then a higher dose is required. I would spray once a day with the VitD and once a day with the B12.

My B12 levels were in the high 200's and I supplemented 1,000iu a day for about 6 months and my level went up to 600.

Hope this helps.

Moggie x


Thanks Moggie for the info

Kind regards browny


I am spraying 9000iu of D3 and taking 3000mcg of B 12 to get my levels up,and I am planning to retest in 3 mts. Nobody has told me to do this but I have worked out that this is probably the bast way. Talked to GP and she said there is little evidence that much B12 is absorbed if taken in tablet form but she didnt know much about spray.



Hi Roslin

Thanks for replying, I was thinking of a similiar dosage, do you take B Complex and any other supplements



I take a strong multivitamin that has B complexI also take iron, Lugols iodine, sea salt vitC, Q10, selenium, magnesium, zinc, melatonin, nutri-adrenal, acidobacillus, caprylic acid and just started progesterone cream . I am also taking fluconazole once a week for 3 weeks. It is completely balmy. And probably a bit desperate but you just want to do everything to get better. I am now thinking about trying berberine which I have read a lot about today and seem like an excellent supplement for all sorts of things.and of course I take levo, alfacalcidol and propanalol( which I would like to stop)



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