Starting adrenavive 2 (bovine adrenal cortex)

So I've been taking ndt and self medicating (after few yr of levothyroxine)...I am now up to 3 grains tsh is repressed but T4 only just beginning of the range. .don't know what T3 is as I cannot get it done anymore (new rules uk) but previously that 2 had been low ...even when on levothyroxine at least I had git to middle of range!vitamins are ok.I am reluctant to raise as I feel 3 should be enough and adding t3 isn't possible with the nhs any more!I have never adressed my adrenals before and a synacthen test 18th ago had said I had a small disfunction that didn't warrant steroids.Should I stop my ndt whilst adressing my adrenals and then start again or just cut down ndt dose alongside the adrenal support? I have yet to feel well since diagnosis 7 yr ago and I'm hoping this may be the key??

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I wouldn't stop taking NDT or you will become hypothyroid. FT4 is usually a lot lower when taking NDT. It doesn't matter that FT4 is low if FT3 is good. You can order private thyroid tests via Medichecks have #ThyroidThursday discounts.

I'm unsure as I have been told that by taking the adrenal support then suddenly my body will start using the ndt and I could start hyper problems....I am still hypo on the 3 grain I am taking

The most important test is the one they don't do! When on any form of T3 you need to get your FT3 tested. I also read when doing my research re NDT that your body may stop you raising your dose if you have an adrenal problem. Something that happened 18 years ago may have righted itself or may be gone the other way but either way I wouldn't dwell on that result but how you are feeling now.

My Endo says on any T3 then your TSH will be suppressed or even zero and FT4 can be down to mid range but FT3 has to be in range towards the top. One thing it may be worth trying is to drop your dose by a quarter of a grain then after a settling period do you feel better or worse. I say that because I missed my seeet spot and continued raising but it didn't make much difference. The symptoms of under and over can be very similar so ended up going back to 1.75!

Yes this is what I thought rgds ndt and adrenal...I know tis the important one ..but the only fail safe is basal body temperature and I'm still low so still hypo and I think it's the adrenal problem that is stopping me from utilising my 3 grain ndt ..I'm lowering it not stopping and adding the bovine

Hi..did you take adrenavive and did you lower NDT?

Hi mb008. ...yes I cut down to one ndt and started 1adrenal cortex....I monitored temperature and it started to drop lower than it had (even though I was lowin the first place) ..I decided to add another half a grain then after a couple of weeks increased adrenal cortex to 2....all the time trying to tweak according to my basal temperature!the last few days I have increased ndt another half grain so now I'm taking 2 ndt and 2 adrenal cortex.I'm sleeping a little better and mood feels a little improved and I've noticed my temperature although not as high as it should be it seems to be balancing so it's not as up and down as it was previously. ..I think this is the adrenal cortex...I'm going to keep monitoring and may end up taking another half grain to get temperature optimal and keep at the 2 adrenal cortex to keep it on amore even keel....are you thinking of trying this yourself??

Hi sorry I didn't see your reply. Seems that you're doing better on Adrenavive. I am on a tiny dose of Levo. I have never been able to get over 50mcg without suffering insomnia. I started Adrenavive 2 and instantly felt my mood improve. Only half a cap...but then tried to increase to 3/4 cap and went backwards...palpitations and high temp. So I stopped Levo yesterday. I have taken a 1/4 cap of Adrenavive today. Trying to build that up over the week. I will then reintroduce thyroid meds. But, I have ordered naturethroid and if it arrives in time I may start on that instead of Levo. I have some things going on with progesterone and oestrogen both being need that looked at. Playing it by ear really. Good that you are doing well...good to hear.


Should have asked, how up and down were your temps? What were your readings?

Hi thanks for reply ...some days my temperature would start at 36 degrees but was down at 34.5 later in day then up to 35.2 a few hrs's been like this for a long time ...I self medicate with Ndt but still low temperature so I decided it must be my adrenals. I said previously there was a dysfunction 18th ago so decided to start with the cortex but dropped down ndt to 1 grain and not 3 and my temperature isn't any worse than when I was on 3 ndt ....I've been a little better as stated ..sleeping better and better mood but temperature started to be more erratic again so for l ast 4 days I've upped to 3 adrenavive and temp improving again already...I believe once temperature is stable I can then get to work on raising ndt to get it up to 37 degrees ...something I have never been able to achieve on levothyroxine or ndt before!hope you get to where you want to be ..I think trying your nature throid will be better for you seeing as it contains the T3 you really need ...I believe fix adrenals and then thyroid can's hard ...I went through menopause a couple of years ago and that through a spanner in the works...but another benefit of the adrenavive is that it has stopped my hot flushes !good luck x

Hi Lozzer,

Did Dr Peatfield prescribe you the Adrenavive?

I started adrenanvie ii about 4 weeks ago and instantly felt better as sleep alot better and mood alot better howver like you my basal temperature is getting lower.

I started taking Naturoid in April (1/2 grain) as I am borderline Hypo with high reverse T3. Both made me feel better but I really need to sort asap as I need to shift this 2 and half stone of weight I have. I have Rehumatoid arthritis so extra weight on my body is not good

Hi Wanderlust 2483. ..I was trying to find out if doc P still did a clinic up north and ended up ringing his Crawley clinic and by sheer coincidence he picked up the phone. ...obvs I wasn't paying for a phone consultation so we didn't gave a proper conversation but I told him I'd read his book and had been monitoring temperature and it was sometimes at 34.5degrees and highest it ever got to was just over 36 even though I was taking 3 grains of ndt (self medicating as in North of England )he said it was highly likely adrenal and to cut ndt down to 1 grain and start adrenavive ll .......I've been muddling on my own ever since's been a few weeks now. I still feel I sleep better/better mood/hot flushes have gone but temperature which seemed to be improved started dropping again,so I decided to add more.I am taking 4 adrenavive ll at mo and temperatures throughout the day are coming more on a level than up and down even though it's still only around the 36 degrees.In my opinion this means adrenals are kicking in....once this is consistent with no up and downs then you can increase the NDT so I will start raising half a grain each time til I hit 37 degrees which is optimal!In your situation I would say keep going with it because once you are level on temperature you too will be able to raise ndt and then the weight should start coming off as you will be optimally dosed!Sorry for the massive essay lol! and the very best of luck!

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