adrenal cortex extract (ACE)

hi, all. i had a full blown adrenal crash (not addison's--just very low cortisol) a few years ago and haven't been the same since. i've had major difficulties with various thyroid meds--am finally now on something that works (NDT alone, without any synthetic t3 or t4). i sense that my adrenals are finally a bit happier and my guess/hope is that they will become even happier as more time passes on just NDT and as i optimise my dose (i'm currently on 2.5 grains). a friend familiar with these things recommended that i try taking ACE (adrenal cortex extract) in order to get rid of lingering adrenal symptoms; i ordered one from thorne and now have it but am a bit afraid to take it and don't really know how to take it. (in the past, i had terrible reactions to most everything recommended to me for adrenal issues, including liquorice, phosphatidylserine, selenium, etc.) i was wondering if anyone out there had taken it, has any advice on how to take it, and/or if it's worth my while to just wait a bit longer to see if the NDT will take care of things on its own. (for what it's worth, my husband is really against my taking it because he is worried about BSE.) thanks !

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  • Julie, I'm sorry you've had no replies. Perhaps you could quarter a tablet to see how you tolerate it and titrate dose slowly to tolerance.

  • Thanks, Clutter. I took one this morning on a relatively empty stomach and 2 hours later had what reminded me of my salmonella experience years ago. Truly awful. Maybe unrelated to the ace?, but my husband is fine and we've been eating the same things. So, no more adrenal cortex experiments for me !

  • Julie, 1/2 to 1 tsp of salt in orange juice is a natural adrenal support which might be helpful.

  • Thanks - have been doing the salt thing for years but somehow without success. I'm just hoping now that maybe continued time on a better thyroid dose will allow the adrenals to do better, too. Seems like there might not be an alternative.

  • Julie, two respected doctors, both recently deceased, were of the opinion that sorting out thyroid levels would also sort out adrenal function.

  • that is wonderful news! it has been my suspicion, because i've noticed all along that my low cortisol symptoms improve (with time) when my thyroid dose is better, but it's really nice to have (possible) confirmation of this.

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