Adrenal Cortex supplement!!!

Everyone knows I've been having the scariest time of this. Has anyone ever decided to try Adrenal Correz supplement??? I started it as an adrenal supplement two days ago and I haven't felt this great in two years!!!! Is this my root cause???? Could my adrenals have been that fatigued that this entire nightmare has been caused by the adrenals and not the Hoshimotos??? Nothing I have tried or taken in the two years of this illness have I felt this focused or not been dizzy! I felt 80% myself today! Have I stumbled upon something????

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it truly is a miracle because that stuff has no hydrocortisone in it and even if it did, 2 days is not long enough for any vitamin or supplement including thyroid hormone or even medical HC to work.


I,ve got Lyme disease for many, many years leading to Hashimoto and completely drained adrenals too

I hope for you this supplement is helping on the long road too and then I,ll also want to try it.:)

BUT..sorry, those who knows a lot about treating adrenal fatigue, says that it can backfire taking supplements for the adrenals. Its only longterm building -up that can revive drained adrenals.

Not to scare you guys or take the hope away.

If I Can find the article telling about this I.ll send it.

PS Forgive wrongspelling. Not English as 1,st language.

Do you still have lyme disease?

do I ? Yes !!

But just recenty somebody will fund bloodtest and a new treatment ..hopefully.

Been a nurse for 30 !

I don't think it is a thyroid supplement. It's bovine adrenal cortex. I thought this was cortisol?

That's amazing, I hope it continues for you. Which one are you using? I'd love to know and then rush to try some.


ACE has worked very well for me too. I doubt that it is the sole reason for your symptoms as you have confirmed Hashimotos. My GP couldn't figure out why I still had fatigue, joint pain, palpitations etc as my thyroid results were great (both T4 and T3) but it was my integrative doctor who tested my cortisol and put me on Nutri adrenal extra... I didn't like it so changed to ACE and noticed the effects within a week or so. I'm now back at work and feeling as close to normal as I have been within the last 18 months since my hypo diagnosis. Are you checking your temp to see if you're on the right dose?

Nikki, how many pills do you take?

I take 2 finest thing in the morning around 6:30am, 2 at 11:30am and 1at 4:30pm. I have a slight high at bedtime but I sleep ok. My DATS are good so I'll stay on it for a while then try to wean off. If all goes well I'll retest my cortisol.


I did it for about a month last summer and felt better than I had in ages. After less than 2 weeks, I started to feel worse than ever and eventually weaned off. My DATS were all over the place! Good luck to you. It feels like such a miracle when we feel better!

I know this is a while ago but I have just received my ACE and it states 1 to 3 tablets a day I someone has advised me to take 7 a day split up obvs. Is it safe to do this

I started on 7 too but felt it was too much all at once...but I do tend to be sensitive to medications and supplements. I dropped to 3 a day and increased every 3-5 days until I was on 5 a day and DATs were good. I now people who have taken quite a bit more than 7 and have been fine. 😊

Oh thanks for that. Will start them in the morning

Hi Nikki,

Sounds so promising ! I am just sending off an Adrenal Stess Profile test (privately via this site) as my doctors don't recognise adrenal fatigue. I have been taking levo foe only 8 weeks and notice a small difference but have been reading that there is little point in treating hypo unless you sort out adrenals. Not sure what my tests will say but hopefully someone here will help me interpret. Is ACE the make of your supplement and is it something that can be purchased (from the UK)?

Thanks for your help and I hope your good progress continues


ACE is adrenal cortex extract but the brand name I use is Thorne. Each capsule is 50mg so it's easy to dose. I'm sure you already know but make sure your iron levels are good too.

Trouble is, ACE is used for several different things such as:

Angiotensin-converting enzyme

ACE nutritional supplement containing vitamins A, C, E

In the context of this thread it is probably clear, but if people are going off to search the on-line sellers, be aware and be careful what you choose. As always. :-)

Hi I am about to get my adrenals tested as I feel they are playing a part in my illness, where can I get this ACE?? Is it a brand name or on prescription? Please can you let me know, thanks Angela

I would be interested in finding out, too, as there are so many different brands, so it's always good to know that one particular brand worked so well for someone!

Yes. I think adrenal health is crucial and needs addressing before Levo stands any chance of supporting your thyroid hormone levels... This may be a bit of a false dawn so don't be too dispirited if you don't continue to feel quite so wonderful tomorrow as its a long and bumpy road but rebuilding the adrenals will definitely improve things for you. Good luck!

I would always treat the adrenals first x

Pleased you have found something that is working for you. Just a note of caution, I've read on here that adrenal supplements can switch off the body's own production of cortisol.

We're trying to establish the root cause of my daughter's illness and went to see an allergy specialist yesterday. We mentioned my daughter's very low cortisol (138) but he told us not to worry about adrenals for now as he believes this will resolve once underlying illness and food sensitivities are addressed. He's putting her on an elimination diet and testing for gut dysbiosis and iodine deficiency.

Hi josiesmum,

Hydrocortisone will suppress one's own adrenals and allow them to rest, whilst adrenal supplements support adrenal function and for some can be enough. Others however need a full physiological replacement dose of hc for a while or sometimes life. I hope you find the answers for your daughter very soon. For my daughter, no matter what we did, it wasn't until we addressed her unhappy adrenals (she needed hc and will for life) that she began to fell better. My understanding is that food sensitivities are quite often a symptom of unhappy adrenals not a cause. Gut dysbiosis on the other hand seems to be at the root of all ill health. It can take time to heal the gut and it may mean that your daughter needs some help for her adrenals whilst her gut heals. Our best wishes to you and take care. x

I love the tone of excitement in your post. It brings hope for others. It would be interesting to hear what happens if you stop taking the supplements, which by the way, what exactly are the supplements? Brand, dosage etc

What is it and where can I get some!!!!!!!

adrenal cortex is from cows (unfortunately as I am vegetarian). I get mine from the US from an online vitamin company. Just google. You only need to take one a day. It took me a week or two to notice a change for the better. I am much calmer, less depressed and just better balanced. I have been taking them for 4 months or so now. I guess if it stops my own adrenals from working it doesn't matter because I have been unwell for 30 years and have never felt better than I do now. Maybe our adrenals stop working properly because of the other thyroid issues??? I am no doctor.

The majority of thyroid issues start with the adrenals; extreme stress over prolonged periods can cause adrenal fatigue, this then impacts on the thyroid. You always need to support the adrenal glands.

Please post the product details for everyone to check out


google adrenal cortex supplement. I get mine from the US from a vitamin company. One a day. I did my homework so check out other info from this wonderful site.

Agree with Naomi8 and everybody else, can we please have details of this wonderful Ace supplement Funnigembunni?

There are some interesting links for ACE

This person probably says the exact same thing about desiccated thyroid. Why it was injected is the question. If these animals are also used as food, why is the extract dangerous? In the end they do not want to diagnose adrenal dysfunction, they do not want to treat adrenal dysfunction and therefore prefer people to SUFFER with adrenal dysfunction.

We've already determined that for thyroid dysfunction so it's not really unexpected. God help us.

Yes it is the ignorant leading us to a large degree. I have a great doctor now but you can certainly try things yourself but research first. 30 years it has taken me to feel good.

From the second link "The major active component is the hormone hydrocortisone"

Hydrocortisone is prescribed by doctors for many conditions:

I have had Hashimotos for 10 years and got chronic fatigue 2 years ago. My doctor tested my adrenals using the Genova saliva profile and found that my adrenal function was very low. My doctor initially gave me very small doses of synthetic hydrocortisone as I was unwilling to take the ACE he recommended. He said that ACE is gentler than hydrocortisone which gives a spikier result even taken regularly in small doses. On hydrocortisone I was fine for about an hour after taking it but I had terrible crashes. I increased the doses slowly as per my doctor's instructions but that only made things worse. I had to stop. I was suicidal on hydrocortisone and I was never suicidal before.

After that I started taking ACE which started to work after about 5 days and have been taking it for 2 years. These two years have been more stressful than any time of my life. At the time I quickly built up to 5 capsules of Nutri-Meds ACE (250mg bovine adrenal cortex per capsule). This is no longer available outside the USA so I am now on 1-2 capsules of Adrenavive III which also contains 250mg bovine adrenal cortex per capsule. Adrenavive is made by Procepts Nutrition:

Even though I was very ill with chronic fatigue I had to scrape myself off the floor because a family member got a life-threatening infection which went on for over a year and they were in hospital most of that time. If I hadn't been on ACE I couldn't have done that.

Nutri-Adrenal Extra is made from WHOLE adrenal which contains adrenaline.

Some people like it but from my own exerience I would not recommend any product with adrenaline.

Adrenal cortex extract (ACE) is made from the inner adrenal cortex and does not contain adrenaline.

Thanks Elle70. I'm hypo and new to all this so any help with fatigue and pain is very useful. Maybe I'll give it a try. Does it help with weight gain too? It would be good to feel like I'm not treading treacle and thinking through a blue fug!

Here is a good product as well:

Could you tell us what you're using? Thank you. I take HC because of a past adrenalectomy. As I was tapering, I got Dx w/Hashimoto's. I stayed on HC very low dose in the morning, then later I stopped. I was still feeling bad on medication of T4 for months. Synthroid and I do not get along. I switched to Generic Unithroid and I felt a slight improvement. But in the evenings around 5 or 6 I would begin to feel extreme pain and stiffness. So the next morning I took 10mg HC and noticed a big difference. I felt better! I've been doing this for a month now, but the effects have worn off. BUT I do not get the pains as bad anymore. HC is def a factor in feeling well. Someone mentioned treat the adrenals first..... I am leaning towards that belief.

There used to be a supplement called Isocort, people loved this, but the took it away. Why? I guess because they prefer people to make their business w/doc? Probably. (rolling eyes). Please post what you are using. Ty.

The product is Thorne Research Adrenal Cortex. They are vegetarian capsules. Ingredient list: adrenal cortex (bovine). They are 50 mg capsules. I got them online at a site called iherb. Today I am a little dizzy as usual but nothing scary like it's been for two years. I continue to take 100mg of Armour as well. I also started a liver health supplement. And chromium as well. I've been researching how to get healthy again for the two years since this started. I am hopeful that this supplement for adrenals was a positive addition. I know it's been a long time since I've felt oriented and not afraid to stand up. I hope it works for you all as well. Any other information regarding the effectiveness of these kind of supplements or anyone who has experience with them would be greatly appreciated :-) good luck to us all!

I placed an order on Amazon Uk. They suggested I combine it with Thorne Cortrex. I thought about it, then decided again it. It contains licorice, and I am on medication for hypertension. Has anyone tried Cortrex by Thorne and, if so, did you like it? I might add it later on but, for the time being, I'll settle for ACE.

I am currently taking the Thorne Adrenal Cortex supplement and I notice a different in energy levels already after three days. I didn't however see licorice as an ingredient unless it's called something else and I don't know it. So far I love this product

There is no licorice in Thorne's adrenal cortex, but in Thorne's product Cortrex (notice the extra -r- in the middle) which also contains: vit C, pantothenic acid, thiamin, zinc, riboflavin, vitamin B6, 125 mg adrenal bovine, and 30 mg of adrenal cortex.

I just received a message that my Cortex has been shipped, so it should arrive early next week. I'm keeping my fingers crossed it will help me as much as it seems to have helped you:-)

I truly hope it does! I noticed the second and third day of taking it I feel a lot less afraid of my symptoms. I don't want to or need to sleep in the daytime anymore which is a pleasant change from the last few weeks being unable to stay awake during the day ;-) good luck and keep us posted please :-)

Correction, I just rechecked my dosage, I am only prescribed 15mg of Armour but I double up at my own discretion..... Bad I know but my doctor is shooting in the dark and I don't want to be under medicated with 15mg of Armour and feel worse. I will gradually increase my own medication as I've been told is needed to feel optimal someday

Not bad.....good. You know your body better than anyone.

Staying too long on a low dose is bad.

After hearing so many good things about ACE, I finally tried Thorne's ACE some months back and became violently ill (immediately after one pill). I haven't heard of anyone else (anecdotally) mentioning the same thing, though, and in a giant search of the web only came across one mention of ACE causing stomach problems. So I'm not sure what my reaction was about. Would be interested to hear if anyone else has experienced this, as so many people rave about the product.

Can you tell me what you mean by "violently ill?? Vomiting?

My reaction was really strange. I took the ACE, fell asleep hard for an hour, woke up needing the toilet, and fainted while I was on it. After that, I couldn't get off the floor, lay there for about an hour feeling like death, until I finally threw up once or twice, after which I felt completely normal again. It seems like the ACE irritated my stomach and that things went back to normal again as soon is it was out of my stomach. It definitely wasn't food poisoning or related to anything else I'd eaten, because my husband had eaten all the same things and was fine (he didn't take the ACE). Also, I felt immediately better after I vomited the ACE up. Sorry for gross details. And, again, I've only ever seen rave reviews for Thorne's ACE and only ever read in one place that ACE can cause stomach irritation. So it seems like my experience was definitely not common!

Thank you, Julie for your reply. My dr prescribed an otc product of all herbs and I don't feel anything. That he didn't prescribe an adrenal hormone suggests concern on his part, and I'm going to write to him. I'll post. He did order for me Nature Throid and a cortisol test--so he's on the right side of healing practices.

Julie, The answer I got from my dr by email (always brief) was only that the source must be impeccable -- grass-fed, etc, if bovine. He didn't say anything else. I wonder about this, and want to check into the sources.

Thanks, Indiaza. This makes sense. A lot of people rightly express concern over products derived from animal organs because of the worry over things like BSE. My husband didn't want me taking anything like that because of exactly that issue, so I took that one pill of ACE on the sly and then had to fess up after I got so sick from it ;)

I like to think that Thorne is reputable, but I definitely don't know if their sources use grass-fed beef, etc....

Thorne has a good reputation. All companies need a phone call or email, the former, preferred, and a discussion. I have called Nature Throid, too, and another company that makes an OTC thyroid. I found this:

They have grass-fed ACE--and it's worth reading their site. It seems that New Zealand is the place for grass-fed sourcing--but we still have to be careful--Mercola wrote a good article on that:

I like his questions--I think I'll call Dr Ron's again when I get a chance.

On this subject: I wonder about the pig thyroids used for Thyroid-S, which I've been taking for years. Am just going on trust in this case. :(

I don't know. I'm taking Nature Throid with the same trust---I called the company and got reassurance. The problem is sometimes i don't know which questions to ask. I'm a bit new at this. I see that Thyroid-S is produced in Thailand (?). I'd love to know how. It's worth looking into. So much work all the time, but medical treatment is only going to be more and more standardized everywhere, so we have to do it.

I just noticed your post. I m wondering now if adrenal cortex is causing my stomach pain.

I am so pleased to hear that this supplement has worked for you. The research is out there. Everyone should be reading research around their illness

hi thats's great! My new doctor who specialises in thyroid issues said that was the one thing I was doing well!! Taking adrenal cortex has certainly changed me especially in levelling me out mentally and helping with fatigue. Go by how you feel. I intend to take this as long as necessary. That is fantastic. If you find a balance stick with it girl. It has taken me 30 years. all the best Sue

I have adrenal problems now as well with Hashi's. Just wondering what symptoms you were experiencing?

Here's an interesting article on excess cortisol and thyroid function:

If you have high cortisol which happens in the earlier stages of adrenal fatigue you will have difficulty converting T4 to T3. This is why T4 alone does not work for some people.


i take Cortol ACE (stands for - Adrenal Cortex Extracts) made by Cardiovascular Research, bought from iHerb.

I had an Adrenal Stress test last week expecting to have low cortisol as previously, but this time I was high all day. I'm hoping this means my adrenals are recovering!!! but still can't handle tiny stress.

I would have replied sooner today, but while at a medical appointment this morning, I managed to fall down two stairs, head butting a wooden door as I catapulted forward, making a loud cracking noise - (don't know if it was my head or the door), everyone came running to assist; about 3-4 hours after the event other parts started to hurt; my wrist began agony, neck painful and a slightly twisted ankle. So, have been feeling a little delicate all day with an infra red heater on my wrist which has reduced the intense pain considerably, so that i can now type.

That is absolutely wonderful news hon. Could you tell me what symptoms you have been experiencing before you started the supplement?

I had my adrenal saliva test results the other day and they are higher than Mount Everest. From research supplements are a big help BUT diet plays a much bigger part. I am now under the wing of a qualified nutritionist that my parents have paid for because they have been so worried about me and I have been so unwell for months now after a hyper swing (severe panic/anxiety) which has obviously taken it's toll on my adrenals. Now have the job of getting my GP & Endo to acknowledge Adrenal Fatigue, which, from reading, not many of them do :(

I am currently in the middle of a 2 day detox with my new strict diet (built specifically for me around my blood results) starts tomorrow. She will be supplementing me with Siberian Ginseng (which is supposed to be brilliant for adrenals) in a few weeks. Am impatient and want to get on it now, but you have to work on getting the gut right first with the correct nutrients

Hello there, I don't know if my symptoms are from adrenal fatigue or not. Two years ago I woke up fine, then while driving my whole world changed. I became numb in hands arms, leg and mouth. My heart rate went sky high and I wasn't hyperventilating at all. Since that day I've needed to sleep at least a few hours a day, cannot think straight, have had hot flashes, constant dizzy spells, migraines which have gotten worse than any I can remember having. Mood swings, major fear of death since the beginning. I always considered myself a smart and healthy, active person before this happened. I haven't worked out in two years and won't even walk far anymore because at times I feel like I can't swallow my own spit and I get dizzy until I clear my throat. I have been to four endos, turned away from many a doctor here in the U.S., I've been asked if I think I need counseling. Everyday I just feel like I'm in a dream like state and its scary when you feel like you're fading away but standing right there. I don't get the muscle aches everyone talks about, my back hurts a lot I notice. Mild calf cramping at times. I used to have extreme blurred vision and dizziness. I notice with the supplement all that really has changed is the fact that I don't need to fall asleep everyday without being able to control it. The dizziness persists and I'm starting to feel like it might not be a part of all this as nobody else seems to be dizzy all day everyday the way I am. But after two MRIs of the brain and an MRA, among ENT specialists and Neuro specialists not being able to explain it I don't know what else it could be. I just know my blood pressure drops a lot and I don't have diabetes. I also get palpitations at times but not nearly as often. I hope for our sake we find a way to beat this because I don't know about you but I just want my life back. Like yesterday.

omg I am so sorry hon, I have been having a really bad time too since last autumn. Hypo for 10yrs and I had to get private bloods done to confirm to my GP I had Hashi's. I won't ever see her again that's for sure. I started to go hyper and the symptoms were so severe and for so long my adrenals are now shot. I am hopeful that my nutritionist can help me. I am eating good nourishing foods that I have never had before but I am only into my 4th day of a 14day strict diet, so time will tell. Don't mean to be rude but you arn't menopausal are you as many of the symptoms are the same. Have you been tested?

No I hope I'm not menopause yet I'm 33 and have regular periods

I have felt the same way as you! How do you feel now?

This is great news Funnygembunni. I hope you continue to improve. Adrenal fatigue has a LOT to answer for.

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