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Updated tests, am I converting enough?

Hi everyone, I've had my latest results today and would really appreciate your comments/thoughts on them...

Plasma TSH 0.12 mU/L (0.3-4.20)

Plasma Free T4 13.9 pmol/L (9.0-19)

Plasma Free T3 3.8 pmol/L (2.6-5.7)

Plus Haemoglobin 122 (120-150)

I'm currently on 150mg levothyroxine (400mg Ferrous Sulfate, among other meds for asthma, hypertension and allergies, plus am now gluten free as my coeliac blood test came back positive too) but am still not feeling well.... next week I'm having my B12, Vit D and thyroid antibodies checked and my GP has asked me to update my table of symptoms for her and she'll refer me to the endocrinologist but I'd like to be prepared and even have a suggested plan of action ready for that....

I feel that I'm making my way around the NHS too as I've had head and sinus CTs for the respiratory consultant, scans for fibroids (minor ones found), the ENT consultant cauterised my nostril on Wed and found a cyst on my vocal cords (awaiting a date for that procedure) and now an endocrinologist to add to the list... could they all be connected?

many thanks

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Hi Traymca

Are you having an endoscopy or are you happy with the coeliac blood test?

How long have you been gluten free for, it took a while for me to feel better. Some things did improve quickly but others took three months, six months and even up to a year for a couple of things -- and still struggling to maintain iron levels etc although they are better than they were. Just takes time to heal.

I did go quite hyper after a while and had to reduce my meds quite a bit since GF so keep an eye out for that although, your T4 and T3 levels are not that good which is very surprising considering your TSH but mine did go a little loopy for a little while.

Most of my issues seem connected to the gluten thing but everyone always has such a vast number of issues that differ from person to person and can effect everything and anything.

At least you seem to be making a good start on working out what your issues are so hopefully with time, you'll find things settle down :-)


Thank you, I've been gluten free for about 6 weeks so far so early days and I am looking at going completely grain free after reading the Wheat Belly books....

I'm not going to have the biopsy as I cannot face having to eat gluten twice a day for six weeks as the three times I've been glutened early on were absolute agony and progressively worse each time. I would need to be off work for that time and not function at home and to be it's not worth it.

I thought my T3 and T4 should be higher considering my TSH was so low and the GP did say that her colleague queried whether i should drop to 125mg as the TSH as low but she agreed with me to leave it as it is until I see the endo.

I have a tiredness every day with the occasional energy spurt but then if I push myself I feel so weak and tired the next day and can't even find the right words to use! ! Just want to function normally!


In regards to endoscopy, I really don't blame you and I would have preferred not too lol. I had no choice as tested neg for coeliac they weren't taking it seriously with regards to my daughter who's appears to have the same (dad/school) so had to go through four gluten trials to prove it was the cause of all of my issues and they have now stated it's def auto-immune and causes systemic inflammation and is genetic.

I would say, it was obvious at the time when I needed to drop my thyroid meds as had very hyper symptoms which worsened when I took them so I would stay as you are until you feel that way.

You will prob have other deficiencies too so when these come back and get treatment, you will hopefully start feeling better :-)


Have you changed your toaster? ;-)

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You are losing bothvFT3 and FT4, slightly lower with your FT4 but I would get your levels higher first before thinking about. Onvestion.

However having said that ther things that need to. E optimal to her held conversion are B12, Vit D, Folste and ferritin so would be good to see where they are and then repost to ask for thoughts on those. You may well have to supplement and then is the time to look at conversion


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