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Can anyone help me interpret these tests rests please??

Hi all,

All my results are technically normal. But I'm pretty certain I'm hypo.

TSH- 1.91

Free T4 - 13.0 pmol/L

B12 (plasma level) - 289 pg/mL

Serum Folate- 10 ng/mL

Thyroid antibodies - 11 iu/ml

T3- 4.8 pmol/L

Any thoughts on these?

I'm also certain I have very severe adrenal fatigue, but I've been dealing with that through diet and supplements to its much better. I'm also about to do a liver detox and bifidus complex too. I've ordered nature-throid so when it arrives I should be in a good state to start taking it following the protocol on Dr P's book.

All advice very well come!

(Ps.. My improved adrenal symptoms include extreme extreme extreme fatigue, headaches. Palpitations, postural hypotension, extreme muscle fatigue. And my current ongoing symptoms are constant tiredness, weakness, thinning head hair, and eyebrows, coldness - especially hands and feet. General body pains. Feeling like sht in the mornings. Etc!)

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Most of our bloods are very similar (awaiting thyroid antibodies & vita d to be done as lab refused!).

I also suffer all your symptoms, my fatigue & weakness affecting my mobility. My Folate is lower, belle nhs range at 4.7.

Been unwell for three years, Endocrinologist unsupportive (polite version lol).. getting nowhere.

Diagnosed CFS/ME/FM but specialist said symptoms over & above so out of there remit. X



I know how it feels! I was casually diagnosed with depression aged 21- 10 yrs ago, having complained of severe fatigue.ever since then, whenever I complain each subsequent doc just follows previous diagnosis of depression.... So I don't think I've actually been diagnosed since 2003!

So, they insist in treating depression, even when this year I was so unwell and fatigued, I was bedridden and could hardly move or talk... Like semi paralysis.

Self help is the way forward!

Good luck to you!!!


Hi Sam, looks like a sluggish thyroid even without seeing the ranges but if you could examine those, it would be helpful. I think you are going about this very intelligently so hopefully the addition of NDT will work well for you. I don't know if you have seen the videos I have posted for quite a while but he suggests there are 22 reasons for low thyroid symptoms. Very informative. This is #1

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OK, thanks guys....

The ranges are

TSH 0.27-4.20

Free T4 12.00-22.00

B12 191-663

Folate-4.60 to 18.70


T3 4-6.8


I'd lay money on you being ferritin deficient too - have you had that checked recently? Conversion of t4 to T3 doesn't happen too well if your ferritin is low and being low in ferritin all by itself will make you feel dreadful. And Vitamin D - what about that? Again, Vit D being low can interfere with the correct functioning of your thyroid.

As I think you already know, most GPs would disregard those results as normal, but actually, your B12 could do with being considerably higher. There's a chance if you can balance out your adrenals and get your vitamin status sorted that your thyroid would recover.

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B12 far too low and needs to be near the top of the range. This can cause you to feel very poorly. Read up as much as you can about B12 and the other culprits - Iron - Ferritin - Folate and VitD...

Only 20% of that B12 result will reach your cells where it is needed. The range STARTS at 500 in Japan where Alzheimers and Dementia is lower I believe than it is in the UK....


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