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Thyroid function test results. Any comments before I talk to my GP?

Hi everyone, recent test results below. The TSH level looks very low and I'm not sure what 'plasma triglyceride' is! I've never had that tested before as far as I know. I'm feeling well despite being under a lot of stress as husband recently diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukaemia and is in hospital receiving treatment. I'll be talking to my GP but wondered if anyone has any thoughts, tips etc. Thanks in advance 😊

Plasma free T3 level5.600 pmol/L4.3 - 6.8 pmol/L

Plasma triglyceride level1.100 mmol/L- mmol/L

Plasma free T4 level13.400 pmol/L7.5 - 21.1 pmol/L

Plasma TSH level0.060 mu/L0.34 - 5.6 mu/L

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I've just checked the tryglyceride out Google and realise it it not part of the thyroid function test! So please ignore that bit 😃


Your Free T3 the active hormone is where it should be e.g. in the top 3rd of the range. Your free T4 and TSH are low. What medication are you on?


Levothyroxine 100mcg daily.


Then if you are feeling well get the doctor to leave your dose alone.

The doctor may want to reduce it due to the low TSH and talk rubbish about you having heart or bone problems if it stays that low. If s/he does ask him for the evidence.

Unfortunately I can't remember the links or posts that show there is no effect so it may be worth starting a new thread asking for links to studies so you can give your doctor the study names.

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Thanks bluebug


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