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Blood test results are in

Hi everyone,

Have received my results from Medicheck today and want to share with you hoping for some input please. Here goes;

fT4 - 18.53 (12 - 22)

tT4 - 120.6 (59 - 154)

TSH - 0.046 (0.27 - 4.2)

fT3 - 5.02 (3.1 - 6.8)

rT3 - 27 (10 - 24)

rT3 ratio - 12.1 (15.1 - 75)

TGAB - 14.15 (0 - 115)

TPOAB - 13.92 (0 - 34)

CRP-HS -1.4 (0 - 5)

VitD - 64.76

B12 - 220.4 (140 - 724)

Folate - 2.93 (3.89 - 26.38)

Ferritin - 163.6 (13 - 150)

Any advice/opinions/observations on results and any suggestions on supplements/medications/dosage-strengths/recommendations most welcome.

I'm on 100mcg levo at present, doc is demanding to lower it. I don't care anymore I wish to selfmed with T3. I can't wait to shove this under his nose as I've been told for 10 years now that there's nothing wrong with me and been refused full blood panel. My first ever private blood tests and I believe money well spent, after GP told me not to waste my money on them. So glad I did. Many, many thanks to all you lovely people on here and beyond who, although suffering yourselves, go the extra mile to help each other. Thank you for my enlightenment! And lots of love

Carol xxx

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Hi Carol, the first thing that jumps at me is that your ferritin is much too high! Have you been supplimenting in any way? If so please stop. High ferritin can also be due to some sort of inflammation but your crp is low so I doubt it. Your b12 and folate is too low. B12 needs to be over 500 and ideal would be at least 700. Folate should be around 15. Vit d needs to be about 100 -120. Your antibodies are low so like me you dont have hashimotos. Your rt3 is high probably due to your stress. I think looking at ur thyroid levels your level of thyroxine are about right they are slightly low but thats probably because of your rt3. If you up your dose of levo it might convert to more rt3 if you lower your dose you could end up feeling terrible. I would not let the doc push you into lowering it. The answer to clearing ur rt3 would be to lower your stress levels and/or substitute a little t3. You do need to address your b12, folate and vit d. Im sure others will comment too. You need to find yourself a good high dose b12 and a good vit b complex to balance it. Forget folic acid get some proper folate. You need a good vit d at least 3000 - 5000iu per day and you need k2 MK7 as well as considering magnesium. Once you reach about 80 on the vitamin d it starts to work properly and u will absorb calcium properly that is why you need the k2 to make sure the calcium goes to your bones and teeth and not soft tissues. It all works in harmony together. Hope this sheds some light xx

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Hi Magsyh,

Thanks so much for taking the time to give me your thoughts on my results. I'm totally understanding your take on vits/folate/ferritin. I did take ferrous sulphate supplement when recovering from breast cancer couple years ago due to having low iron at the time but haven't taken it now for least 6 to 8 months. So to be so high doesn't make sense to me. I have read that it can be related to a problem with the pituitary gland, which might have some relation to how all this started for me over 10 yrs ago. In 2007, my fT4 dropped from 17 to 9 within 15 months although not much change to my TSH at the time only slightly raised. Was not addressed for 7yrs during which time my pituitary did not kick in to stimulate my thyroid, so perhaps that's where a problem lies. Now it's all but suppressed yet my fT4 isn't optimal yet. 5yrs ago my eyebrows and eyelashes disappeared, along with some body hair particularly my armpit hair. I believe this too is related to pituitary problems. They have just began to grow back since my levo was raised to 100mcg.

I will source supplements you suggest and get on them asap. If anyone can offer recommendations of what and where to purchase I'd be grateful, thanks. I also intend to self medicate with T3, my niece is travelling to Greece next week so will get some for me. I see my GP on Monday next, at which time I plan to discuss with him what he intends to do for me having been denied these blood tests for many years. I've seen 3 endos during that time and none of them tested anything other than TSH and fT4. I also intend to discuss this with my MP. Thanks again for your input xx


Hi Carol, I am in the middle of supplementing right now and this is the advice I was given on the forum for fairly similar results to yours (not medically trained).

The most commonly recommended are Solgar and Jarrows, I believe on the basis they have less rubbish in the fillers! I buy mine off Amazon

B12 - buy methylcobalamin rather than cyanocobalamin as it absorbs better, I was also advised to choose sublingual tablets you suck to overcome any absorption issues (common). I am taking 5000 mcg daily and when tub runs out will switch to 1000 daily to maintain levels. It is water soluble so you will excrete any excess - aim for level of over 500 (GP prescribed cyano so bought my own)

You need a good B complex to balance the B12. (mine is prescribed)

Folate - buy methylfolate rather than folic acid, again it absorbs better - aim for around halfway in the range. mine is 1000mcg - if your B complex has this you dont need it separate.

Vit D - buy it as D3 soft gels as it is fat soluble so needs oil to be absorbed, take with the fattiest meal of the day - needs to be above 70 and preferally around 100. (i was prescribed a loading dose of 25000iu twice a week for 6 weeks then will switch to 1000iu daily as I work shifts so dont get any sun.

Vit D has following co factors which help to direct calcium to bones and teeth rather than to soft tissues

K2-MK7 100mcg seems to be standard strength - fat soluble

magnesium - choose magnesium citrate as better absorbed, mine is 400mcg.

Vit D is not excreted so you will need retesting after supplementing, especially loading doses as too high a level is harmful.

I take my Bs and folate together during the day and my D and co-factors in the evening with my heaviest meal, also magnesium makes some feel sleepy so evening is best. If you dont have much fat in your diet gave a couple of spoons of full fat yoghurt or a bit if cheese with them.

Take levo at least an hour before supplements or 4 hours after to avoid them affecting its absorption. If B complex has biotin stop it a few days before tyroid tests as it can skew results.

My GP accepted my Medichecks vit results so worth a try, tell him you have taken advice on here (the NHS choices recommended forum) and that getting vits right is essential to proper levo conversion. I am much less fatigued and foggy 5 weeks into proper supplementing.

Hopefully your poor vits are responsible for your poor conversion and RT3 levels at which point a levo drop might be in order. I refused to drop (test results on bio) until we got vits in order and can review properly. If he starts muttering about osteoporosis and cardiac issues - these are consequences of being hyper (unless you have other relevant history) which your FT3 says you are not.

Try this link:

The full research conducted by Flynn and Leese found exactly the same to be true for cardiac results but I have lost my link to the full article☹️.

The TUK diagnosis and treatment leaflet also has useful excerps, about 3/4 of way through (ish)

It might be worth getting your ducks in a row before changing to T3, you may find that its sorts conversion so that levo works for you, this would save the hassle (and cost) of sourcing T3. Also if you do both at once you don't know if you are feeling better due to improved vits or the T3 and T3 doesnt suit everyone.

Good luck!


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Hi Tracie,

I can't thank you enough for all this advice and information, you have truly helped me so much with this you will never know.

I feel very confident now to face my GP on Monday, and also more optimistic for my future health.

I wish you so much luck with your own journey to health too and hope it's not too hardeous for you.

Many, many thanks,

Carol xx


You are very welcome I am currently feeling better than I have in a very long time due to the above advice from forum members. We tend to know in theory that good nutrition is important and I certainly never expected to feel such an obvious improvement in a relatively short time.

Granted, I am probably on/near the correct dose of levo already and this is allowing me to feel the full benefit. At the very least it should allow you to cross one cause of symptoms off your list but hopefully it will alleviate at least some of them


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