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Blood test results - do I need NDT?

Good morning

Yesterday I received the results of my Genova Diagnostics Thyroid Plus blood tests, and nothing stands out except perhaps the low FT4 and FT4:FT3 ratio, but I'm not sure what that means:

TT4 - 79 (range 58 - 191)

TSH - 2.84 (range 0.4 - 4)

FT4 - 11.6 (range 11.5 - 22.7)

FT3 - 6.2 (range 2.8 - 6.5)

FT4:FT3 ratio - 1.9 (range 2.0 - 4.5)

RT3 - 0.27 (range 0.14 - 0.54)

TG - <20

TPO - <10

I'm really relieved to see no evidence of auto-immune disease, and that my T4 is converting to FT3 not RT3 (RT3:FT3 ratio is 1:23).

However, I have lots of hypo symptoms which have been worsening over the last 12 - 18 months such as:

low energy, some days VERY low

constant low mood and depression

dry hair and skin (getting drier all the time) - also I have psoriasis

brain fog, bad concentration, forgetfulness

aches and pains in muscles (especially upper back and shoulders) and joints


overweight with large appetite

I have used Stop the Thyroid Madness as a resource for information on interpreting my blood results, and I have read this about FT4:

"If you have low FT4 and a mid-range or slightly higher FT3 [mine is top of the range], it usually means the T4 is converting like mad to give you the T3 you do have, which means hypo."

So my question is whether trying NDT would be a good idea or not?

Thankyou in advance for any help or advice.


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It could be B12 deficiency.... so important to have OPTIMAL levels. I noticed none of your tests included B12 - VitD - Ferritin - Folate - Iron. They are SO important. Would you build a house without solid foundations ? Low B12 and being Hypo often overlap.


Please read the signs and symptoms and look around the site....so much information and will ensure you are better informed than your GP. You have done well so far - now this is a new route.... :-)

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Thanks so much for your reply Marz.

I found out I had a Vit D deficiency earlier this year (levels so low they were unmeasurable) and since then I am supplementing at 5,000 iu of liquid vitamin D3 per day. I did feel an improvement but still had other symptoms remaining hence the thyroid tests.

My next course of action will be the other tests you mention above: B12, Ferritin, Folate etc. and see what comes of that. Thanks again for the link as well.



Don't forget that D is fat soluble so needs to be taken with a good fat. Also you will need to take VitK2 to ensure the calcium is directed to the bones and not left circulating :-)

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I did not know about Vit K2 but will do some research today, and will also read the previous posts on this site. Thankyou so much


Flora2712, Unusually you are FT4 poor and FT3 rich. It may be overconversion and if so, T3 in NDT will over elevate your FT3 without improving your FT4 much. If you are going to self medicate perhaps you could start with Levothyroxine to raise FT4 and switch to NDT at a later date.


Thanks Clutter for your reply, yes I thought it looked unusual. I think I will go down the B12 path and see where that leads, before medicating for thyroid.



Flora, it may be an idea to retest thyroid in 3-6 months. If FT4 drops much more your FT3 will drop too.


Thank you, I will

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