Results at last!

Doctor thinks these are good especially the T3.

FT3 7.5 (3.5 - 6.2)

Comment: Above range


FT4 10.6 (8.0 - 16.0)


TSH 2.41 (0.38 - 5.33)


Not sure if these are needed. Had many tests. Here are some more.

Cortisol 415 (185 - 624)


Ferritin 91 (11.0 - 307.0)

Doctor would like this to be at least 100.


Serum inorganic phosphate

0.66 (0.8 - 1.5)

Comment: Below range


Serum folate 20.6 (3.1 - 19.9)

Comment: Above high reference limit


Vit D 50 (30-50 may be inadequate for some)


Magnesium 0.88 (0.7 - 1.0)


B12 821 (147.0 - 840)



Is it time to say good bye to Thyroid UK?


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Have you had your rT3 checked? Doctors don't check this one, you would need to have it done privately. RT3 can be included in your fT3 value so give a misleading result. High rT3 can prevent the active T3 getting into cells, keeping a patient hypo.

Blue Lagoon.

Looks like they haven't.

The note on my test on the free T3 says TSH indicates euthyroid. Suggest repeat in 4 - 6 weeks.

No, not true. rT3 and FT3 are two different tests. FT3 just measures the free T3 and only the free T3. And rT3 only measures the rT3.

Perhaps you're getting confused with Total T3 which measures both Free T3 and bound T3. But, rT3 is quite separate.

Essjay16, the NHS will not, under any circumstances, test rT3, so no point in asking for it. And, to have it done privately is rather expensive.

Your FT3 is actually over-range - I'm surprised your doctor thinks it's good. But, your TSH is too high. What are you taking at the moment? And, how do you feel? That is far more important than your blood tests. :)

Hi grey goose, I am aware that there are the 2 different tests but I had read that rT3 can be picked up by the fT3 test and give a result higher than it would otherwise be. Perhaps this was bad information.

It was bad information. :)


Hello greygoose.

I take Seven seas one a day fish oil for vit d.

Evening Primrose oil capsules.

Sublingual b complex 12 included.



Estrogen gel which is topical. This is the only prescription item I use. Had a replacement mirena coil late December.

So, you aren't on thyroid hormone replacement (levo, T3, NDT)?

Did you have your vit d and B12 tested before starting supplements? You really should, or you're likely to be taking the wrong strength doses. Fish oil capsules don't sound as if they have much vit D3 in them. And, certainly, a B complex would not have enough B12 (or the right B12?) in them to treat a true deficiency. I wasn't aware there were any sublingual B complexes. It's usually methylcobalamin that is sublingual.

Not taking any thyroid meds whatsoever. The b12 is Cyanocobalamin 1.200 ug

Not much point in taking that, you won't be able to absorb it. If l were you, l would stop all the Bs for a while, and get your B12 and folate tested. Then take what you need.

And, while you're at it, get the vit D and ferritin tested, too.

If you look at my "results at last" post you will see the b12 ferritin, folate and vit d results. Why won't the b12 be absorbed please?

Yes, sorry, I get a bit confused, at times. Cyanocobalamin won't be much use because it's the wrong form. You need methylcobalamin.

I didn't have vit d, b12 b complex tested before supplements. I researched how I was feeling 3 or so years ago because of various muscle and bone aches. Also back then suffered unbearable nerve pain in hand (peripheral neuropathy ?) Had gall bladder removed 2012 which is when I felt better going gluten free and now can't stomach lactose either. Now you have my life story. Boring isn't it. 😊


Forgot to say how I feel. Cold/heat intolerance. Most evenings I use a light blanket in the lounge. I go to bed warm and then have cold tingling through my body. Wake around 3am it hot legs! If I walk fast I get too hot. Constant tinnitus, tired looking eyes with small pupils. Morning body temp average is 35.9 °C. Need a hot shower to warm up. However can't stand hot holidays, I feel weak in the heat. Thumb joints have become painful when I shake water off after washing hands. Heart beat races off at least once a day.Deep vertcal ridged in finger nails.

Also for got to say I use magnesium oil spray every night on calf muscles, if I don't I get excruciating cramp that makes me close to passing out or throwing up. TMO I suspect. Sorry.

Damn it. TMI I meant. Also concentration and short term memory and stamina not good.

The magnesium spray is good. But, you do sound very hypo.

Just reread your question and see that you did have your vit D, folate and ferritin tested. Strange they didn't test the B12.

Your doctor is right to want your ferritin higher. Your vit D should be higher, too, about 100.

But that FT3 strikes wrong... the FT4 is so low, and the TSH is highish... the FT3 just shouldn't be that high. I would want a retest, if it were me.

Well I know nothing, the doctor seems quite happy with these results except the ferritin. He wants to see me in 4 weeks. I did mention that I heard thyroid results are best at optimal rather than normal levels. He said they are good. What the hell do I do? I had about 20 tests done . 😩

Suggest to him that it shouldn't be over range. Especially not with a highish TSH. The two don't correspond. It's possible that he really doesn't understand T3, so didn't really look at it. Ask for a retest.

Or, just wait, and get retested in a few months time. It could just have been a fluke and will go down to the level of the FT4.

Have you been tested for Hashis antibodies? If not, it might be a good idea. All sorts of weird things can happen if you have Hashis.

My female maternal cousin is hypo and her daughter has hashimoto's. Any idea what the hashi autoimmune test would be called clinically. It may have been done. Don't know what to look for.

It would be something like TPO antibodies, or thyroperoxydase antibodies.

Have had a look and not been tested for Hashi antibodies. Do you think I am barking up the wrong tree with thyroid, the symptoms are so similar to cfs.

Well, that's not surprising. There's a school of thought that says CFS doesn't exist, it's just un/under-treated hypo. I don't know the truth of that, but certainly the symptoms are the same, and doctors would much rather diagnosed you with CFS than they would with hypo.

No, I don't think your barking up the wrong tree, there's something going on there. Your TSH says that your thyroid is struggling, and your FT4 is very low. It's your FT3 that is the mystery.

However, if you don't get anywhere with it at this time, don't give up, get your thyroid retested in 3 months - or six months - or even a year's time. If your cousin has Hashi's, so could you. It does run in families. :)

How do you test cortisol levels ?

Mine was a blood test.

I ask my GP for cortisol test he said why ? I said I wanna know my cortisol level because stress .unbelieveable he said no if Cushing's syndrome is suspected the amount of cortisol in your body will be measured .NHS ........

Normal full blood count test ? NHS ?

Yes. They did that for me too.

Sorry Bora72.

I didn't see your question mark. Can check and post in the morning.

FBC all "normal". Some near the upper range, some near the lower.

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