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So I went to the doctors today as people on here have advised me to check my B12 levels, the doctor says she hasn't done my B12 bloods because I'm not anaemic? Is this right? Surly you can still have deficiency without being anaemic? Also she told me that they don't test for vitamin D?


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  • I have regular B12 injections! I think, unfortunately, it goes hand in hand with underactive thyroid gland. Again, I was so fortunate to be diagnosed with Pernicious Anaemia. I have been taking thyroxin for 19 years. About 2 years ago, I again, felt so tired and horrible .. GP I saw happened to also have a B vitamin deficiency - it is not part of the "general" blood test that includes anaemia - I am not anaemic either. So... I now have an injection every 8 weeks. One daft doctor tried to change to every 12 weeks... I then saw original GP (one with deficiency) and he changed it back to 8 weeks.... I certainly know when I am due an injection! Good luck - doctors are reticent to refer you for the "extra" blood tests because it costs the surgery money. Good luck, stand your ground. There is loads of advice on the pernicious anaemia society page! xx

  • Thankyou for your reply, that's great help, I'm doing new bloods in 2 weeks

  • There are different kinds of anaemia. Iron deficiency is one but vitamin B deficiency is another. Also you can have vitamin B deficiency without pernicious anaemia or changes in your blood cells I believe. Did the doc ask you what your symptoms are? How does she know you're not anaemic if she hasn't tested your blood? You could take a list of symptoms to your doctor. If you can afford it you could get your B12 level tested privately. If you have symptoms that could be vitamin B deficiency your doctor might be more willing to test for it?

  • Thankyou

  • I wasn't anemic but my b12 was still low and I had a set of injections then they said it was just a natural drop and as in wasnt anemic or have absorption issues like Celia I didn't need any more and at the same time I was diagnosed vt d deficient and still was 6 months later after supplements. Also the diagnosed folate deficient yet I just have anxiety and ibs??? I thought vit d was a routine blood test?

  • As far as I understand vitamin D is not a standard blood test when doing a thyroid blood test. I was lucky when I went for a thyroid blood test as the doctor had asked for a full blood test which included it. Found out my vitamin D was low. Which means taking high strength Vitamin D tablets then retesting.

  • I read somewhere that VIt D tests have been discontinued. May be the recent interest in it is costing too much money. Went to see my GP though yesterday as I tick all the boxes on a problem on a drug I've been recently prescribed but I also pointed out there is a huge cross over with thyroid problems often caused by low Vit D or low B12 so I have been sent for a blood test for D3. So that may be because of my symptoms or my age but always worth asking.

  • I recently had a blood test which included Vit D, I did have to ask for B12 to be tested as it is not usually offered and my Doctor obliged. Problem is they go by the readings and if they are within the guidelines, even when low, they tend to say all is well. If you have symptoms it is best to pursue the matter.

  • geez the ignorancy of doctors

    b12 has zero to do with aneamia

  • Thankyou, I've got the doctor to test it now will let the page know my new bloods test

  • The kind of anaemia she would have been looking for, I would guess, is macrocytic anaemia.

    But for people with Pernicious Anaemia (a low B12 condition) anaemia is a late finding in the course of the problem, whereas doctors expect it to appear early.

    Some links :


    For the above link, read the blurb, but I find the table the most interesting bit of the page.




    You may find it helpful to join the Pernicious Anaemia Society forum on HU :


  • Thankyou, is it best to do this after I've had my B12 bloods, what do you suggest?

  • Is it best to do what? Sorry, you've lost me.

  • I don't Know my B12 yet as I haven't been tested for it, so Just wondering if I should go to that site you showed me after I've found out results?

  • As far as vitamin D testing goes, you need to tell your GP you work indoors all year in a dark office and don't get into any sunlight. It might make a difference and get you tested. You could get your cholesterol level tested, which the NHS seem happy to do, because if D vitamin is low, the body produces more cholesterol in an effort to process more vitamin D as it's converted through fats. Vitamin D is not water soluble which is why you could potentially overdose, therefore you need to test before supplementing. This is information I've read in an effort to help myself. I think are reliable sources but check it out through the links other people have given.

  • The pernicious anaemia society forum is another forum like this one. It doesn't cost anything to join and ask questions. And they are the experts on vitamin B12. :)

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