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B12 and Vitamin D

So I saw rhemotologist the other week and she did Vitamin D check and it came back as 38 with range being 30-100. A doc originally put me on 400IU twice a day bit I got a phone call today from hospital saying they want me to take 50,000 once a day for next three days then 50,000 once a month for a year. Wth? Why is the doc saying i only need low dose but hospital has put me on high dose?


I asked my doc yesterday to check B12 and result is 233 with range being 180-100+. I asked my doc if anythinf can be done for that because its very very low bur becauze it's in rang nothing will be done. Do you think the endo i'm seeing next month will help with my low B12?

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B12 should say 180-1000+


800 iu a day is a drop in the ocean. The bigger dose will raise your levels quickly and maintain them.


Hypo110, somebody at the hospital is a lot more clued up about vitD than your GP. 50,000iu x 3 days is a loading dose to boost your vitD and 50,000iu a month is a maintenance dose.

I'll be surprised if your endo is interested in B12, they've only recently got their heads around the importance of vitD. You can buy B12 methylcobalamin sublingual lozenges, spray and patches. I suggest 5,000iu daily for up to 8 weeks to build levels and then 1,000mcg maintenance. Take a B Complex vitamin to keep the other B vits balanced.


Hi That is a huge amount. make sure your calcium is in range as D can cause it to go over.Conversely if calcium bellow range you need some to absorb the vit D.


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That's not true! Calcium levełs rise when using vitamin d if lack of vitamin d was the cause of low calcium. I know I've been there x


Hi yes, I said D can make the calcium rise and too high often. I had to stop taking D as calcium too high even though D very low. If calcium very ;low D is taken with it to help absorption.



Also very important to take K2 with high doses D3..they work together and K2 prevents any side effects from D2..such as heart palpitations. You will feel so good from Vitamin D..my level was 11 when they tested..I felt like new person on the high Vitamin D3...just a week later. Be sure to take it as directed, low levels of D are linked to cancer and heart issues, as well as joint and muscle pain. One other added benefit is weight loss from increasing D. 80% of the population is deficient..sunshine doesn't raise your levels much once you are over 40. I am a huge advocate of this miracle vitamin (can you tell?)

NOTE: I have found the sublingual lozenges or vitamin D3 drops work the fastest. And don't stop Vitamin D after you get it to normal. 5,000 to 10,000 iu is a good daily maintenance dose. (I take even more). Encourage all your family and friends to have their Vit D lab test..many doctors overlook this test in routine labwork..you must request it.


I agree - important to take K2 with high doses to make sure it goes to your bones and not to blood or tissues, where it can clog arteries.

Would recommend this book:

'Vitamin K2 and the Calcium Paradox: How a Little-Known Vitamin Could Save Your Life'

Kate Rheaume-Bleue (Author)



My reading was something in the region of 25 so I was put on a loading dose of 20,000 one a week for 12 weeks then a maintenance dose of 800iu per day. It worked! After the maintenance dose I was just under 90 and just over after a time on the maintenance dose. We are all different though and I've seen so take extremely high doses which I've thought frightening. Over doing the calcium must be avoided as well so I would suggest checking the levels as you go along. You may not need that much. I was also told that the body would not be helped by just taking what would have been the low dose. It needs the loding dose to get to a decent level and then hopefully the maintenance dose to keep it there.


I read that the maximum absorbed through the skin in sunlight is 20,000iu a day - after that the body cuts off. Personally, not being a doctor, I'd trust the human body to get the dose right - so I'd never take more than 20,000iu a day, even as a loading dose. So it takes a few days more to hit the high level - so what. And rather than keeping it up with massive doses now and then, after the loading dose I'd go for a daily dose of at least 4,000 - 5,000 iu every day, except for days from April to September when I'm able to go out at lunchtime in strong sunlight and expose my skin for a short time, making sure not to burn. Which is a better way to get VIt D.

But the most important thing is to get the Vit D somehow.

Your GP obviously wasn't up to date on Vit D research.


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