Blood Test result out. And have cholesterol low b12. But nothing is prescribed

Hi all,

I got my blood test results.

And the readings are these:

This was in Germany

Haemoglobin - 13.8 g/dl . range 12-16

Mch (hbe) 27.3 pg . This is low. Range 28-34

MCV 82.9 fl. Range 80-100

Cholesterol 220 mg/dl. This is high. Range <200 normal and >200 high.

Vitamin b12 148 ng/l . Low. Ränge 180-914

Ferritin is 14.7 micro g/l . low. Range 15-300

For thyroid only tsh is tested.

TSH is 2.62 mU/l . Range 0.35-3.5

The doctor was refusing to take blood test hearing my symptoms telling it's not a problem. I had difficulty in breathing sometimes and from past few days have chest pain sometimes.

But after I insisted, it's done. But now she just prescribed vitamin b12 tablets and nothing else.

I am also worried about high cholesterol. I never had any issues and now all these.

Any suggestions or ideas what I can do next. Feels so confused

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  • Nams24,

    Why did your doctor not do a blood test for your Thyroid Function. A high cholesterol level should have been a red flag to the doctor as that is a very common clinical symptoms but she is probably unaware of that. You need TSH, T4, T3, T4, Free T4, Free T3 and thyroid atibodies.

    Go back and make another appointment for your thyroid hormones and say you've been advised by the NHS Choices as a high cholestrol may not be due to diet but is a clinical symptom of hypothyroidism and want to exclude this autoimmune condition.

    The test should be the very earliest, fasting (you can drink water) and if you were taking thyroid hormones you'd allow a gap of 24 hours between the last dose and the test and take afterwards. Get a print-out and they must have the ranges stated. You haven't put the ranges above in your question and labs differ so these are important. They are in brackets after the results. Always get a print-out of blood tests with the ranges for your own records.

    Your B12 should be nearer 900 not 180.

    Other members will respond about your other results

  • Hi, thanks for ur reply. I updated my post. Only Tsh was tested. My doctor did not tell anything about cholesterol. May be I take an appointment with other doctor.

  • The 'modern' method of diagnosing hypothyroidism isn't so useful as the doctors only take the TSH. This is by a doctor who lost his licence due to treating 'patients' and not the result on a piece of paper. He is Canadian but our UK doctors also lost theirs if they didn't toe the line.

    We have to self-educate if we want to have good health. Hypothyroidism doesn't just make one part of our body ill but the whole body.

  • Thanks for your reply. True. I will get tested with full thyroid tests. Last year also my TSH level was almost same, but everything else was fine. May be i should have taken care and got it tested before. But as usual my doctor said everything is fine. So now i would test for all T4, T3, T4, Free T4, Free T3 and thyroid antibodies. Its so frustrating when doctor dont listen to us and dig deeper into our small symptoms. But our body keeps sending signals that something is not right.

    If i can trace a year time now, i felt unmotivated to do things i use to enjoy before. I use to force myself thinking i was lazy. May be everything is related to this.

    Thanks alot for all your comments. I was totally frustrated and now getting some hopes.

  • It's good we have a forum because before, no-one would have been able to enquire or not know who to ask. I bet a lot of people have had serious conditions which may have been connected to the thyroid gland but they were never 'in a range' to be diagnosed.

    I'm sure you will now be able to go forward by your own methods.

  • Yes. That's very true. Now I have taken appointments with other doctors. Hopefully In a week will have a clarity on everything.

  • As your dose of levo is increased your cholesterol should drop. Many doctors instead of increasing levo give patient statins and that the worst thing to do.

  • Hi, can you edit your post and add the units of measurement, please. Some countries use different units of measurement, and it makes a difference when interpreting results. Also, we need the reference ranges.

    Just for example, nobody in the UK would ever be told their cholesterol was in the 100s. Almost everyone would expect a cholesterol level less than 10 because the units of measurement are entirely different to yours.

    To edit your post, look beneath it and find the little square with a v in it. Click on that, then click on Edit. Make the changes you need to, then Post again.

  • Hi, thanks for your quick repky. I have updated the post.

  • Some very useful links for you :




    Haemoglobin - 13.8 g/dl . range 12-16

    Your result is in range, suggesting you are not anaemic, which is amazing given your other results.


    Ferritin is 14.7 micro g/l . low. Range 15-300

    Your ferritin (iron stores) is dreadful and suggests you have very low iron. You probably need to start taking iron supplements, but it would be a good idea to know your serum iron level first, just to double check. I am only guessing at your doctor's motives, but I assume she is ignoring the low ferritin because you aren't anaemic. It isn't a good reason, in my opinion. Most people feel much, much better with higher ferritin. I try to keep my own ferritin level at mid-range or a little bit higher, which would be about 160 mcg/L for your reference range. When it was low in range I could only get upstairs by crawling on hands and knees.


    Mch (hbe) 27.3 pg . This is low. Range 28-34

    MCH - Mean Corpuscular Haemoglobin - May be low in iron deficiency, inflammatory conditions and thalassaemia, according to the first link I gave.

    MCV 82.9 fl. Range 80-100

    Yours is low in range. MCV - Mean Corpuscular Volume - decreased with iron deficiency, longstanding inflammatory disorders and thalassaemia


    Cholesterol 220 mg/dl. This is high. Range <200 normal and >200 high.

    Cholesterol rises in people who are hypothyroid and not on treatment or are under-treated. Having said that your cholesterol looks perfectly healthy to me. You might like to read this post from a blog by Dr Malcolm Kendrick. (Your cholesterol is 220 mg/dL. This is equivalent to 5.7 mmol/L. Check out the graphs showing mortality risks. They reduce the higher the cholesterol is.)


    Vitamin b12 148 ng/l . Low. Ränge 180-914

    This is outrageously low. You need to be tested for Pernicious Anaemia. And you need injections to get your levels up. For advice on what to do, join the Pernicious Anaemia Society community on HealthUnlocked here - make sure you tell them that you are in Germany because it may alter their advice on what to do, and it may suggest alternative forms of treatment :

    Click on the above link and then click on Follow in the banner.

    What strength of B12 pills have you been given? And what are the B12 tablets made of? There are 4 different kinds of B12, and some are better than others in certain circumstances.


    TSH is 2.62 mU/l . Range 0.35-3.5

    If you have been diagnosed hypothyroid then your TSH is too high and you are under-medicated. Most of us feel at our best when TSH is 1 or under. You also need to know your Free T4 and Free T3 levels, and also your levels of thyroid antibodies. If you don't have enough information about yourself, getting well is less likely.


    I would say, in summary, :

    You probably need iron supplements.

    You need B12 injections.

    If you are being treated for hypothyroidism, then you need an increase in dose.

    You need to get serum iron tested before supplementing iron, just as an added reassurance that it is the right thing to suggest. There are some uncommon people who have low ferritin and high serum iron. If they supplement they can feel awful because the serum iron rises but their ferritin doesn't. (I'm saying this about iron also because you aren't anaemic, which surprises me under the circumstances, so I'm wondering if your serum iron is surprisingly good, and we just don't know about it.)

    You need to have folate tested.

    You also need to have vitamin D tested.

    You also shouldn't be taking just a single B vitamin, you need a good quality B Complex. People feel best when they keep all their B vitamin levels in sync i.e. supplementing one and ignoring the rest isn't a good idea. They should all be supplemented together.

  • Thanks alot. The only problem I have is pain in chest especially when I bend forward or backward and difficult in breathing sometimes. Surprisingly I don't feel fatigue.

    I wasn't tested/diagnosed for hypothyroidism. May be I get tested for these which you told. I have another appointment on friday with other doctor. May be that helps. Will update once it's done.

  • Low iron can cause chest pain. So can low T3 (one of the thyroid hormones).

  • I have done appointment with other doctor. Hopefully will find a good doctor who atleast would listen to me an my problems.

    May be in a week will get clarity with other tests

  • Unfortunately for you your doctor is very ignorant.

    If while waiting for the tests and/or results @humanbean has advised you to get you don't feel well then get yourself to the emergency room. This is as people feel dizzy, breathless, faint and actually collapse from low ferritin levels.

    I would suggest you see another doctor or health practitioner to sort out the other tests you need.

  • I felt the same. Doctor wasn't interested to even prescribe or talk more about it. I have another appointment on Friday with other doctor. May be that helps. I wait till Friday and update what's done.

  • Hi all,

    Just a small update.

    I went to other doctor who seemed good and listened to all my concerns.

    Currently she has given me b12 with 1000 micro g and iron with 80mg.

    She has suggested some more tests, like thyroid, vitamin D. But unfortunately I have to wait to get them tested has there is no early appointments.

    I also want to ask if the b12 tablets would be fine or should I talk to my doctor about injections? I have no idea about the difference.

    Thanks all again

  • Hi all,

    I went through some more tests and now the doctor found out some problem in lungs based on spasmolyse test report. My doctor has referred me to a Pneumologie as my lungs not able to get full volume. I was informed only this as I have to contact other doctor now.

    I don't know where it is leading. Just keeping my fingers crossed.

    By next month I will have another blood test and also contacting a Pneumologie.

    My doubt is , does any deficiency cause any problem for lungs?

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