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TSH blood test result: 14.24!


I just received my NHS-based blood test results:

TSH: 14.24 mu/L (range 0.30 - 5.00). High!

Free T4: 5.5 pmol/L (range 7.0 - 20.0) Low.


Thyroid peroxidase antibod: 1 ku/L (range 0 - 9)

The first two readings above suggest hypothyroidism. The antibodies test is normal. Does that mean I don't have Hashimoto's?

My cholesterol (including bad LDL) values are also high. I understand that hypothyroidism can cause this. Pity.

I wonder how long I've had a malfunctioning thyroid gland? Approximately 35 years ago, when I was about 11, I noticed my general health take an unexpected turn for the worse. For instance, I was really good at running, and then over a very short period of time, my joints kind of "stiffened up" and lost flexibility, and I lost a lot of power/speed in my legs.

I need to go back to my doctor in a couple of months time, to get a follow-up blood test, to double-check these initial results. Then I suppose, if they are approximately the same, I will most likely begin medication for this illness...

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You may find the above link helpful with regards to the numbers on your cholesterol results. If you divide the Triglycerides by the HDL and the result is 2.5 or below then they say - somewhere - that is good/OK

Yes slow metabolism/low thyroid hormones - can be the cause of raised cholesterol. Try not to worry about it as it may well go down with treatment....and good vitamins....

Regarding your comments about the way you felt at 11 - is something I can identify with. I come from a family where so many of us - cousins, nephews, children, grandchildren - all excel at school winning scholarships and then fading..... I include myself in that. If I didn't win a tennis match in two sets then I would lose if it went to 3 sets - just ran out of energy. Pleased to say I am still playing a little at 67 :-) I also had a stitch on exertion and avoided the sun....so many things complete the puzzle when you look back over the years.

When you return for further testing it may be a good idea to ask for B12 - Iron - Folate - Ferritin - VitD - to also be tested.... just a thought....then you have a base to work from. Don't forget to ask for copies of your results for your own records/monitoring....

Good luck.... :-)

Overt hypothyroidism is diagnosed by a serum thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH) concentration above the normal reference range (the TSH concentration is almost always greater than 10 mU/L in overt hypothyroidism) and a serum free thyroxine (FT4) concentration below the reference range. Clinical features of hypothyroidism may be absent or present.


Show the link to your GP and see another GP at your practice if your own GP won't commence treatment. Unteated hypothyroidism can lead to cardiovascular damage and osteoporosis.

Thanks for all replies - much appreciated. Regarding GPs - can I just ask at reception to "switch" GPs, for whatever reason?

Stourie in reply to ThyroidUK123

Just tell the receptionist the name of the doctor you would like an appointment with. It shouldn't be any problem.

Jo xx

There are 2 types of antibodies that are involved in autoimmune thyroid disease so you might want to ask for the other to be tested just to be sure. Thyroglobulin antibodies seem to be less common, but I only have those and not the TPO ones.

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