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Blood test results: low MCHC to high MCHC? Anaemia?

I had some tests done in Dec and was comparing them to older test results from Jan. In Jan 13 I had low MCHC and in Dec I had high MCHC. Does this indicate anaemia?

I've included some other tests (folate, b12 etc) either because they were out of range/near the end of the range or because I think it might be relevant to the other results. Most of the other tests weren't done in Dec.

Jan 2013

MCHC 32 g/dl 32 - 36

Vit B12 861 pg/mL 191 - 663

Serum folate 11.7 ng/mL 4.6 - 18.7

Dec 2013

MCHC 35.2 g/dL 30 - 35

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Can you post MCV and MCH for both dates as well? And also if you're on any supplements at the moment.

H x


Jan 13

MCV 90.4 fL 80 - 99

MCH 28.9 pg 27 - 33.5

Dec 13

MCV 81.4 fL 80 - 99

MCH 28.6 pg 26.0 - 33.5

At the moment I'm taking vit d (2000iu per day). I usually take a whole raft of stuff but have taken some time off.

In truth I have no idea what I was taking in Jan. I have been on a doc-recommended supplement regimen for a couple of years but every so often I have to pare it down because all the pills make me feel ill. Not sure if I was supplementing then or not.

Thanks for your reply! x


That's a huge difference in MCV, tending towards iron anaemia at the moment maybe?

Difficult to make any sort of interpretation without knowing what you were taking then versus now, but I would say for the present time perhaps check your iron levels based on the low MCV.

I'm not sure how to interpret the MCHC result, should perhaps be lower rather than higher, if you are low in iron? Have a look at this link:


I read that high MCHC meant macrocytic anemia. "A deficiency in folic acid could lead to this."

But I don't know if there are any other implications. My liver tests - admittedly done a few years ago - were normal, well within range.

I do look anaemic even though I've been dosing with Spatone, which has done me a world of good in the past. For the last week or so (few weeks?) I've noticed my colour is not good. I look grey and pale. I know there hasn't been much sun about but I have no pink or peachy tones in my face at all. I last looked like this just before hypo dx.

Thanks so much for the reply and the link. I'll have a look.


Yes there is something not making sense in there. Your MCV is suggestive of iron anaemia / microcytosis. High MCH is a good indicator of macrocytosis and yours has stayed pretty much the same, but towards the lower end of the range so again I would suspect low iron, microcytosis.

The only way to know for sure is to get iron/ferritin tested, and also B12 and folate again (although B12 / folate tests not all that accurate if you are supplementing). Ultimately you can suffer symptoms from all these deficiencies without any change in the FBC.


Many thanks for that. I will go back and double check for typos etc. just in case.

I have a phone appt with a new gp tomorrow - I suspect only to b****ck me for high t3 results - so it would be GREAT to know in advance what to ask for.


(Edit: don't see any typos.)


I've made an appointment to have b12, d, iron, ferritin and folate tested next week so hopefully will know more then.


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