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Vitamin B12 result, correted calcium and red blood count please indicate if they are normal?

vit b12 430, pg/ml (187 8835

Corrected Calcium 2.22 mmol/L 2.15 - 2.55

ferratin/ iron/ 26.50 ugl no range sry.

rbc count 4.61 10 12 / L

full blood count 14.50 g/dl. no reference range.

looking at vitamin b12, it seems mine is below 100 therefore considered b12 deficiency ( not sure)




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If your ferritin it 26.5 that is too low. It really needs to be around 90 before you are likely to feel well.

You've stated your vitamin B12 as 430 which is not too bad but would benefit from being a little higher (above 500). I don't understand your comment about it being below 100. Sorry I can't be more help.

Carolyn x


You appear to have some symptoms of B12 deficiency. But like Carolyn has mentioned, I too am confused - is your B12 below 100 or 430?


really sorry about the error, i meant to say b12 below 500, havent got a clue why I have written 100.


merissa xx


Are you taking ANY B vitamin supplements including folic acid?


B12 definitely too low. It should be at least 800, and if you take a look at Dr Myhill's site you;ll see she recommends in the region of 2,000!


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