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Best thyroid test on Blue Horizon? (beginner!)

Hello -

About a year ago now I was feeling awful and had thyroid tests done by GP which came back as follows:

TSH: 2.6 (range 0.5-5)

FT4: 12.4 (range 10 - 25)

They doctor told me at the time that my thyroid was fine and functioning normally. I did however have out of range low Vitamin D, and I also checked my own test results and found that my iron wasn't optimal by a long way and neither was my B12. I've corrected those deficiencies through a year of supplements and that has helped a bit, and I've also cut out gluten which helps too, but I'm still not feeling like myself.

I'm struggling with energy (wake up from a full nights sleep feeling as though I've been hit with a sledge hammer and then am exhausted by the afternoon), cramps in feet, achey muscles, dry skin, feeling cold all of the time (even when others are quite warm), irritable, often a low or changeable mood, and foggy brain/lack of focus for work.

I'm a bit lost for what it might be and whenever I search online I come across hypothyroidism/hashimotos again and again. The doctor won't do any further tests because my thyroid results last year were normal so I'm thinking I will go private with Blue Horizon.

Two questions:

- there are so many different test options... what are the things I really want to know? I don't have a huge budget but i'd rather pay and get all the information at once than do a smaller test now and then have to go back again because I don't have everything I need. (i'm looking at the thyroid plus 10 as i'd like to check my B12 status again as well, but wondering if I should be paying more to find out reverse T3 or other sex hormones etc. as well?).

- And, in your experience, are the finger prick tests as reliable as having blood taken at a hospital?

Thanks so much! Not sure what i'd do without these communities for information at the moment. Sarah.

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littlepotofjelly I would go for the Thyroid Plus Eleven which includes Vit D.

If you are still supplementing B12 then that result wont be completely accurate,not will just show that you are supplementing. You need to be off B12 for 4-5 months to see how much you are holding on to.

Reverse T3 isn't worth doing. It's generally seen to be a problem when we have a very high FT4 (possibly from overmedication of Levo) and a low FT3 so it's more useful for someone already on Levo and who still has symptoms despite a high dose.


I agree with SeasideSusie about the Thyroid Plus Eleven.

If you've never done a finger-prick test before, these links should help :

Medichecks also do a test which is identical to the Thyroid Plus Eleven.

Both Blue Horizon and Medichecks have fairly regular special offers, so look out for those to save money.

To get the most out of the testing you do, please follow these suggestions :

1) Decide on the day and time you are going to do the test.

Time : Should be early. No earlier than 7am and definitely no later than 9am.

Day : Bear in mind that the sample has to be posted back to the lab. You want the lab to be open and to have time to process the blood before the end of the working week while it is still fresh, and the post office/royal mail have to be working. So, it is best to take the sample Mon - Wed and post the same day. Some of us pay extra for guaranteed next day delivery by 1pm. (Not 9am - there is no guarantee anyone will be there.)

2) If/when you start taking Levo and you do a test, always take the previous day's Levo 24 hours before the test, and then do not take Levo again until after the blood draw.

3) Fast overnight and before the test. Water can be drunk freely. Drink a bit more than usual in the 24 hours before the test because it helps the blood to flow for the test.


Thanks for all the tips on how to take the blood - that's really helpful. Have never done a finger prick test before so a bit nervous!

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Thank you. I've convinced the Dr to re-run a Vit D test again so hopefully that will happen today. If so, I'll go for Thyroid plus 10 and if not i'll go for the eleven one. Thanks again.

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