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is there a brand of levothyroxine that is gluten free?


I was diagnosed with Hashimotos a week ago (antibodies > 1000, TSH 9, T4 11) and have an appointment with GP in a couple of weeks to discuss starting levothyroxine. I am now 100% gluten free (but only as from a few days ago) but have read that some brands of levo contain gluten (and possibly soy??). I'd prefer to be able to steer my GP in the right direction when she writes the first prescription. Does anyone know of a gluten free brand of levo please?

I shall ask my GP if she will test for B12, folate, ferritin, vit D and iron. Can anyone recommend a good brand of gluten and soy free supplements that's not completely extortionate, please? someine in this forum suggested buying them through Amazon- are people generally happy that they are getting the real thing?

Thank you so much in advance

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All UK medicines except those with wheat as an explicit ingredient, are regarded as gluten-free. That means, all four UK levothyroxine tablet formulations are gluten-free.

See Coeliac society.

However, you do not say where you are so this might be of no help.


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