Activis and gluten free - calling all celiacs!

Hi. Yet again when I went to get my levo from the chemist it was not Mercury pharma. This time they have given me activis. I have had assurances from Mercury pharma that theirs is gluten free, so I have stuck with that brand, but I am sick of having to complain and get my medicine swapped when they give me the wrong one. That is if they will agree. In short - all celiacs and those that are gluten sensitive, do you get a reaction from activis levo or will it be ok for me to take? Thanks so much for any advice.

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  • Tell your pharmacy the levothyroxine you want and keep to the same make until you think a change will be an improvement. They shouldn't chop and change every time your prescription is due.

    Sometimes we get sensitive to fillers/binders in some levos which can affect us.

  • MidnightBlue, there's no gluten in MP, Wockhardt or Actavis, nor is it in any UK meds as far as I'm aware. Have a word with your pharmacist and tell him/her that you prefer Mercury Pharma and would like your prescription form back in future so you can take it elsewhere if they aren't prepared to order it for you.

  • I'd hope that what Coeliac UK have on their web site is accurate and helpful:

    The vast majority of medicines prescribed by your GP are gluten-free

    A very small number of medicines contain wheat starch which contains low levels of gluten. Wheat starch is one of many ingredients so even when wheat starch is used, the overall gluten content of the medicine is very low.

    For medicines which contain wheat starch in almost all cases, an alternative medicinal product can be prescribed, containing the same active ingredient, and which does not contain wheat starch.

    Sometimes medications can cause side effects that are similar to symptoms that occur after eating gluten. Speak to your GP if you have any unexpected side effects.

    Where wheat starch has not been used in a medicinal product, the product can be regarded as gluten-free

    More here:

  • Thanks, I did have this sorted, but the pharmacist has left the shop and since then it has been such a hassle.

  • I too only want Mercury Pharma, which wasn't an issue as my Drs also dispensed. They changed my prescription to 25x4 a day. There are not many brands that do a 25 tablet.

    I've just moved and now get prescriptions from a normal chemist, this time I asked what brand they had, they only had Mercury Pharma in 25s, this was a Boots.

    Hope that helps.

  • There are two makes of 25 microgram tablet - MercuryPharma and Wockhardt.

    There are two makes of 50 microgram tablet - MercuryPharma and Actavis.

    There are two makes of 100 microgram tablet - MercuryPharma and Actavis.

    Many pharmacies will oblige by putting a note on your records to dispense one make rather than another.

  • Thank you so much. I have asked for a note on my records, but the pharmacist who agreed has now left the shop and I am so sick of having to make a fuss each time. As I only want Mercury Pharma to avoid gluten I I thought I would see if celiacs react to Activis.

  • Thanks, I think I will have to ask around at pharmacies.

  • I am also coeliac only ever been prescribed levo

  • Hi, thanks for your reply. Which brand do you take?

  • Hi all,

    I had problems with other brands of levothyroxine and got my gp to specify mercury pharma on my prescription so the chemist has to order it in for me. You could try this.


  • Thanks, was it gluten you react to? Sorry for delay in replying, wifi has been down this week, just fixed!

  • Hi,

    I'm not diagnosed as gluten intolerant but I'm not sure why I reacted, I think I'm probably allergic or intolerant to the binders and fillers.


  • Thanks, I think activis is ok gluten wise, so may take them now I have them.

  • Good luck and I hope all goes well with the Activis.

    TT x.

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