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Lactose and gluten free levothyroxine


I have seem a couple of posts on here for lactose and gluten free levothyroxine and I am seeing my GP about it in a couple of weeks.

I have asked my GP in the past and she says there is no lactose and gluten free levothyroxine, but I have seen people post on here about liquid levothyroxine but I was wondering if anyone knows a brand or name I could suggest?

I was also thinking about taking lactase enzyme to process the levothyroxine tablets and was wondering if anyone has any experience with this or tried it themselves.

Many thanks


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Hi, eltroxin liquid levo is lactose and gluten free, but it is really expensive and I doubt your GP will prescribe it unless you are diagnosed lactose intolerant.


That's brilliant, thank you :)


HazelD, UK medicines and UK Levothyroxine are gluten-free. Your GP can prescribe lactose-free Levothyroxine which your pharmacist can order from Aliud or Henning in Germany


Completely agree with Clutter.

The Coeliac Society say this about gluten and UK medicines:

🔴 The vast majority of medicines prescribed by your GP are gluten-free

🔴 A very small number of medicines contain wheat starch which contains low levels of gluten. Wheat starch is one of many ingredients so even when wheat starch is used, the overall gluten content of the medicine is very low.

🔴 For medicines which contain wheat starch in almost all cases, an alternative medicinal product can be prescribed, containing the same active ingredient, and which does not contain wheat starch.

🔴 Sometimes medications can cause side effects that are similar to symptoms that occur after eating gluten. Speak to your GP if you have any unexpected side effects.

🔴 Where wheat starch has not been used in a medicinal product, the product can be regarded as gluten-free

I have read of some people who find lactase helps - can't remember who or where though. :-(

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For brand names of liquid levothyroxine, and lactose free tablets, look on the medicines page of the main Thyoid UK website


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