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Finally my results!!! Labs labs labs

Here's the test results I got from my primary

THS 1.42 (L=0.40- H4.50)

T3 UPTAKE 36 (L=22- H=35)

FREE T4 INDEX (T7) 3.3 (L=1.4-H=3.8)

T3 TOTAL 69 (L=76-H=181)

VIT D Q,WT (OH)2 TOTAL 48 (L=18-H=72

VIT D3 1,25 (OH)2 48 (optimal > or = 30 ng/ml)

VIT B12 >24 (low >34, borderline 3.4-5.4, normal >5.4

.... That's all he would give me, again this fit didn't know what ferritin is, thanks all!

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Good grief! What ancient out-of-date universe does your doctor/supplier of tests live in? Free T4 index went out of use over 35 years ago. It isn't a valid test and it only hangs on where you pay for tests because two have to be done to get one result so you pay twice over. Your T3 seems low, but free T3 is the test to do, because you may have unusual blood T3-carrying proteins. From that lot of thyroid results excepting TSH, the only remedy is to find a window and throw them out. Get a direct free T4 and free T3 test done instead.


Ugh! I was told on previous threads all the tests I need, I told my Dr what tests I need maybe they Did the wrong one????


Don't think they did the wrong tests - it was the equipment they used to work out the levels that was out of date ....

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diogenes the poster is in the USA ... 😊


Wow!!! Out of date?! That's insane, so as I'm understanding, forgive me if I'm wrong I'm going through a lot right now, these results are invalid, and don't really show anything, right? Thanks all!


Diogenes - who replied to you - is a Research Doctor and was involved in the creation of the testing equipment used for Thyroid tests over many years.

Click onto his name and you can read about his research.

So he is a Scientist that knows what he is talking about when it comes to Thyroid testing and beyond ....


Oh ok, thank you! I will try to read and comprehend it, I'm just a little frazzled


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