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Some more results

Hi everyone thanks for replying to my post yesterday.these are some more results the results I posted from the 3rd of Feb don't have a range as they were on my final discharge letter and didn't give them these ar from my gp

Sept 2016

Tsh 0.42 (0.35-4.94)

Freet4 17.6 (9.0-19-0)


Tosh 9.67 (0.35-4.94)

T4 13.5 (9.0-19.0

Feb 6 2017

Tsh 0.94 (0.35-4.94)

T4 14.1 (9.0-19-0)

These are from my gp the one from my discharge letter are on 3 Feb and are with my post my vit d is ok and the ferritin and folate are on the post from yesterday as you can see my levels are always up and down they are never stable I had these done June 2016 by media check

Tsh 26.65 (0.270-4.200)

Free thyroxine 12.29 (12.0-22.00)

T4 68.2 (59.000-154-000)

Freet3 2.89 (3.100-6.800)

Reverse t3 16 (10.00-24.00)

Thyroglobulin antibodies 17.740 (000-115.00)

Thyroid peroxidase antibodies 188.9 (0.000-34.000)

As you can see my levels are always up and down I can go back as far as 2010 with my results if anyone can help please read yesterday's post for my illness history I really do need help now being referred to chronic fatigue clinic as endo have given up on me and my gp think I'm imagine my symptoms or tell me it's the menopause lol

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Just a thought that may help. Have a look in the site of Thyroid Uk. They run this forum. They have lots of basic info that you may not be following and some of the does and don'ts can make a huge difference.


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