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Goitrogens versus gluten free versus diet for boosting immune system...


I've become addicted to this site. Even casual perusing of the daily blog gives me new insights. Feeling much better having gone gluten free for four weeks and now adding a wee bit of T3 based on some recent blood tests. However, I don't seem to get more than two consecutive days feeling really good i.e. high energy, positive, and few mechanical issues like joints and headaches. This got me wondering if my new gluten free diet is increasing my intake of goitrogens. For instance increased all my nut and seed intake, my veg based meals and flours based on chick pea and millet instead of wheat. I have had three days eating my way through a huge cauliflower (cooked not raw) and yesterday had two large green teas (both I understand are possible goitrogens). Bit symptomatic today and dizzy (lightheaded spells)...which I can't account for on the basis of my doses which I have kept stable for three weeks..T4 125 at night, 6.25 T3 at 6am and again at 2pm plus all my supplements kept away from meds and with food where necessary. As I have Hashimotos do I assume I don't make my own T4 and therefore goitrogens are not important ? I have a suppressed TSH due to the meds. Ideally I would like to control the auto immune attacks and allow my thyroid to recover a bit in the long term. In this case what is the role of goitrogens versus a diet that aims to improve gut health and reduce antibodies? Getting a little confused the more I find out....any thoughts ?

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Wantie in reply to shaws

Yes thanks, helpful.

Goitrogens impede the uptake of iodine by the thyroid gland. If your TSH is suppressed, your gland isn't taking up any iodine, anyway.

Goitrogens are a very small risk, at the worst of times. There is no point in cutting them all out of your diet because of fears that a) they will 'damage' your thyroid or b) they will affect your 'meds'. Because they won't.

The only exception to that is unfermented soy - soy milk/yoghurt; soy flour; soy protein; soy oil; etc. Whist it won't 'damage' your gland, it will stop your thyroid hormone getting into the cells, causing a sort of hormone resistance. Unfermented soy should be avoided like the plague. And, as it manages to slip into most processed foods - because it's cheap - you always, always need to carefully read labels. But, then, I expect you do that for gluten, anyway. :)

Wantie in reply to greygoose

Very helpful thanks !

greygoose in reply to Wantie

You're welcome.

Rosie_P in reply to greygoose

greygoose this is very interesting. Dumb question though...what exactly are goitrogens? I have Hashi's with a functioning thyroid. Any other advice for me? Thanks!

greygoose in reply to Rosie_P

Goitrogens are fruit and vegetables that contain a goitrogenic element. There's a long list of them, including brassicas, strawberries, pears, almonds, walnuts, etc. Most people eat them without even knowing what they are, and with no ill effect. However, if you lived on cabbage soup, day in, day out, you could develop a goitre due to lack of iodine to the thyroid gland.

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