Supplement munching


Me again!

Just after advice as to when in my day I should now introduce Magnesium?

So far this is my day.....

Levo at 6/7am.

VB12 and B complex at 11am

Iron x2 plus VitC at around 5pm.

What time do I take magnesium?

What time do I take Selenium (once my gf one arrives in the post) and my zinc?

Thanx all.


P.s I'm still feeling like I'm currently getting more energy daily 😃. A long way to go but I'm heading in the right direction.

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  • Zuzka1 As magnesium is calming it's best taken in the evening. I take mine about half an hour before bed

    Selenium with evening meal. If that is less than 4 hours after your iron, can you take your iron a bit earlier considering it's 6 hours after your B vits, 4 hours should be enough.

    Zinc I'm not sure, check the pack but as it's a mineral it's normally advised that minerals are taken in the evening.

  • Thanx seasideSusie,

    So can I take Magnesium and Zinc at the same time? At bed time?

  • No Zuzka1 you can't take magnesium and zinc together. As I've not taken zinc, I had to Google your question and found:

    "Magnesium and zinc compete for absorption in the gut so we do not recommend taking them at the same time. ... However, zinc requires a more acidic environment for maximum absorption so you can take that with meals so that dietary acid aids zinc uptake. Magnesium can be taken on an empty stomach."

    I couldn't find anything about not taking selenium and zinc together so you could take zinc with your evening meal as well as selenium, then take magnesium before bed.

  • Thank you 😃

  • I take zinc with orange juice at breakfast. I also take B complex, vitamin C and selenium with breakfast

    Magnesium about an hour before bedtime - unless you take Levo at bedtime (which I do) so then make sure take magnesium at least four hours before Levo.

  • Six hours is better. :)

  • I've another question.....sorry.

    The magnesium I have is citrate. Is that the right one? Reading up on Magnesium Google says it should be taken with Calcium? Do I do that?


  • Citrate is a good one, yes.

    I very much doubt you need calcium, that's not a good think to take at all. I can't imagine who said that.

  • Google. I shall ignore. Thank you x

  • ;)

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