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Blood test results

Hi, I've been hypo for almost 5 years. I've recently started to struggle again, I have some blood test results early morning, no medication taken before, from last week. I would really appreciate some advice.


Serum TSH 0.22mlU/L range 0.27 - 4.2mlU/L

Serum ferritin 114.2 ug/L no range

Serum vitamin B12 285.5 ng/L 180 - 900ng/L

Serum folate 5.55 ug/L 2.5- 19.5 ug/L

I take 100mg T4 and 10mg T3 a day.

My original diagnosis was primary hypothyroidism.

Many thanks

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If you're taking T3, the TSH is irrelevant. The only important number is your FT3.

Your ferritin is good, but your B12 and folate are much too low, and could be causing some of your symptoms. B12 should be at least over 500, folate at least mid-range.

If I were you, I would take sublingual methylcobalamin (B12), 5000 mcg daily. Take that until you finish the bottle, and then reduce to a maintenance dose of 1000 mcg. And, with that, take a B complex with at least 400 mcg methylfolate, to bring your folate up. :)

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Thank you Greygoose and SeasideSusie for all of your assistance and advice. I will certainly take the actions you suggest, I have the FT4, 18.8 pmol/L range

12 - 22pmol/L , but it doesn't appear that FT3 was tested.

My main symptoms are exhaustion, lack of concentration - my brain is slow, and inflammation pain. - All of which correspond.

Have a good weekend.


Well, the FT4 isn't going to tell you your T3 level. But doctors are so dim, they don't understand that you absolutely need that FT3. Your FT4 is going to be lower than it would be on T4 only, but that doesn't matter. It's your FT3 that counts.

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M1n1-mum Your TPO antibodies are massively over range, you have autoimmune thyroid disease aka Hashimoto's. This is where the antibodies attack and eventually destroy the thyroid. Hashi's isn't treated, it's the resulting hypothyroidism that is.

You can help reduce the antibodies by adopting a strict gluten free diet which has helped many members enormously. Gluten contains gliadin which is a protein thought to trigger antibody attacks.

Gluten/Thyroid connection -

Supplementing with Selenium L-selenomethionine 200mcg daily and keeping TSH very low or suppressed also helps reduce antibodies.

Hashi's Information:

You haven't included FT4 and FT3 results so there's no way of knowing if your current dose of Levo and T3 are right for you. How do you feel, what are you struggling with?

Your ferritin level is fine.

Folate level should be at least half way through it's range (11+ with that range) so yours is low.

B12 is also low. Anything under 500 can cause neurological problems. Recommended level is very top of the range, even 900-100.

You can supplement with Solgar sublingual methylcobalamin lozenges, 5000mcg daily for about 3 months to raise your B12, then reduce to 1000mcg as a maintenance dose.

When taking B12 we also need a B Complex to balance the B vits. Thorne Basic B is a good one and contains 400mcg methylfolate which will help raise your low folate level.

As B vits can be stimulating, they are best taken in the morning, no later than lunchtime.

You should also have Vit D tested, many of us find we are low in that too.


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