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Hi all

Does anyone have any knowledge about progesterone please

My reading is 30.8nmol/L which indicates as it's above 30 that I've ovulated.

I have had 2 miscarriages so wondering if it's worth boosting it (with natural cream)

Will be hoping to improve it with zinc, vit c , magnesium anyway .

Thyroid currently stable . Any experiences out there?

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What do you mean by thyroid currently stable? What are your TSH, FT4 and FT3 results with ranges?


Apols maybe it's more a question for a fertility forum as I've no issues with thyroid levels or thyroid health at the moment . I'm enjoying how I feel on the right dose and my focus is on overall health to prepare for having a baby.


Mine was the same as yours last year... no idea what it is atm but i am getting another test done next week. I had miscarriages 2012 - 2013 then infertility since. I decided to start with natural prog cream a few months ago due to years of extreme pms and moods from ovulation until period. I think in the last month my pms is a bit less and my libido definitely increased. I am not taking the cream leading up to the prog test next week. I decided to try the cream off my own back.. no one is advising me and i have no idea if this will be detrimental to me or not. I have heard it is not advisable if your progesterone is not low but then how can we know for sure what our real levels are when some people think blood tests do not give a good indication. I have also read that its all a really fine balance getting all the hormones right to work together e.g. if you have too much progesterone its not good for the other sex hormones either and androgens rise. Good luck hopefully someone more knowledgeable can advise!


Thyroid health has a very definite impact on both ability to conceive and to successfully carry a baby to term. There have been several threads on this recently (search TTC) which gave proper references for this, both in advance of conception and during pregnancy. For a start I seem to remember that TSH should be around 2 for conception. Hence why these figures were requested so that a proper answer could be given.



Hi .

Thanks . Yes, TSH must be 0.1 to 2.5. (Mines suppressed on NDT)

Just interested in progesterone for now as looking into all areas . I believe miscarriages due to undiagnosed hypothyroidism but also wanting to look at possible other reasons ( connected to each other)

Vit d and ferritin are my next port of call.

Trying to give myself the best chance and to get things as 'optimum' as possible . Giving myself this year to do so. Not sure if 30.8 needs to be a bit higher and exploring ways of doing that if needed so any progesterone experiences would be most appreciated .



Katoir did you post this on infertility in the end? I am interested in responses...



I sent the results to Foresight who are dealing with my conception programme

It was agreed that the level was at the lower end and she mentioned Agnus Castus which I was already considering using. It takes 3 months to build it up in the system but there are studies showing that it encourages the pituitary to release/increase progesterone naturally

If I used cream would buy Serenity but it wouldn't be prescribed and I think Agnus might be worth a try.

I feel I need to spend 3 months giving myself the best chance before trying to conceive again .

I have also read that progesterone levels can't really do much harm if too high but ... ??

Please keep me posted

Did you get any tests done before now ?


Does the cream affect your cycles ?

Mine are regular and I'm concerned mine will be affected with cream or AC but on the other hand I've heard success stories with them .


Hi Katoir,

The cream is use is Wellsprings Serenity i think. The cream has not affected my cycles. I had a luteal phase of 10-12 days and i think it has made it more like 12-14 days since the cream although it might be a coincidence. My thyroid levels dropped too in november so i am 4 weeks in to a dose increase which might be affecting things. I was tested for Progesterone this time last year and it was 30 the same as yours but they would not elaborate on if that was the low end of normal or not so i decided to go by my awful pms symptoms for using the cream. I am surprised no-one else has answered you although i think a lot on here might not be using the prog cream for fertility.


I think I will get the cream . I don't think can't hurt . I will worry otherwise . 30 is right on cusp - I'd prefer to be clearer of the line. I test my own with medichecks .

I was recommended a book called womancode today about food and fertility

Are you trying to conceive?


Sorry I see you said you are using for fertility x


Yes we are actively trying. Had a 3 month break last summer to try and get my thyroid levels right then started again and then my levels plummeted.


think the reason being for levels plummeting is the winter here. I have always been more symptomatic and felt more unwell in the winter


Oh I so empathise ! Just when I think I've got to the right place I've had blips .

9 weeks now and seems ok but I've taken a break from supplements for a week as I felt muzzy

It was seemingly down to something in them so slowly re- introducing them to see exactly what.

Rooting for you ... let's stay in touch .


Fertility acupuncture - amazing and feeling in safe hands .

Would it be something you might consider ?


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