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Progesterone Creams


Hi All

Can anybody help advise me on Progesterone creams and what they help with? I was on the Progesterone only pill for bad PMS/Heavy periods and it made me feel dizzy and extremely lethargic, so came off it.

Do the creams help with PMS/Heavy period symptoms and would it maybe benefit me to try? Do the NHS offer any of these creams? I haven’t asked my Gp yet about them but need as much advice as possible.

I am not keen to go back on the mini pill as I think it really messed with my body and my thyroid.


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I was similar to you and never tolerate mini pill well

However it's know that they often mask a folate and b12 deficinies and can exacerbate it

Lethargy and dizziness being two classic symptoms of these deficiencies

If it's been a month or two since you last had the pill I would ask your doctor to do a full iron panel, folate, b12 deficiency and vit D if you can before you restart any meds. Do check the symptoms.for both conditions and If you have neurological symptoms of b12 deficinies you may need loading dose injections first

I think it's rare to get progetsserone creams on NHS unless you're menopausal as they just seen to think synthetic c pills are the answer to everything but no harm in asking.

When I did IVF I was given progesterone injections and pessaries which I suited far better and felt well on!

Oh how I've missed progesterone 😍

There's a couple of older posts on here about ladies who've tried the cream so might be worth reading up on those first x

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Hi Saya thanks :)

I think my folate and b12 is fine and currently supplementing iron. B12 and Vit d all ok, had them all tested very recently.

Was the Progesterone injection you had the Depo? What are the pessaries? Thanks

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That's good @vitamins

Hell no@depo. That's provera I believe and I wouldn't go near it if you can

It's the same issue with mini pill and made me feel so ill the first time.

Because of IVF I had to stimulate a bleed so took provera tabs again but still not nice and quite a strong drug

IVF meds were lubion injections and cyclogest pessaries

I think I read somewhere someone was able to source cyclogest on NHS but I think you'd probably get gynaecology referral rather than GP.

Worth asking (you could mention it like hrt supplementation )


Heavy periods are classic sign of being hypothyroid

Did you increase your T3 after last test results?


I haven’t increased t3 as I had to go back on higher dose of t4 and smaller dose t3 but I had my new bloods taken Monday will get the results today or tomorrow and come back to you. I think I will need an increase in t3 and also see Endo on Friday x

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A tiny dose of T3 often just suppresses TSH and doesn't offer enough replacement

3 x 5mcg per day (doses 8 hours apart) would give T3 available all through the day

I use Biovea progesterone cream, just 1/2 a pump which is about 10mg. It really helps with my mood and sleep.

I found I had to reduce my NDT by half a grain after I added the progesterone as it makes the thyroid hormones more available.

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