Serenity progesterone cream

I know this topic is coming up quite regularly but as I am just about to start using this cream I would appreciate any advice on application etc. I was on progestogen pills for quite a few years and am postmenopausal at 50.

The pills did improve and stabilise my mood and gave me regular cycles but my skin is getting progressively more and more dry and with Hashimoto's I have enough dryness in my life. I have just completed the Rhythm Plus Female Hormones Genova test and had to stop my progesterone for that what immediately resulted in a 19 days cycle and I am feeling progressively more and more tired and on day 10 of the new cycle quite emotional. This is when my PMS usually kicks in and is worst around the end of period and the following week. Anybody with experience /advice on the whole issue.

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I think you'll find that people have experienced mixed results with Serenity cream, myself included.

I used to use Serenity Cream but a health upheaval took me off it: I've since realised my ongoing probs are B12-deficiency related. Working to correct this has stopped most of the symptoms I had thought were due to low thyroid up to that time. Is your doctor checking your B12 levels?

My B12 is a mystery as it has consistently tested in the higher ranges when everything else tested low. My private explanation is that it might have something to do with methylation but has not convinced my doc to test me in this direction as yet. Might need to do some testing privately in the end.

I tried it around menopause, and although it worked better than most of the other creams I tried, it wasn't enough to help - a bit like being undermedicated with levo! But I'm on a large dose of intrabuccal progesterone now and my hormones levels aren't over range, so it may work well for you.

hi, I had an awful time with a long menopause the doctor tried me on differentl HRT supps, but

I couldn't tolerate them, had all sorts of reactions, in desperation I asked my local health food shop about natural remedies, some did not do anything but then...... was told about Serenity.. and it was great it helped me through an awful time...just a small amount rubbed on the wrist ( not sure if once or twice a day ) it worked ,this was a few years ago and I had to send of to Jersey for it try it and see !!!! it helped me

Thanks frian. Obviously no better way to try things out than to do it yourself and see 8-) I got the Serenity cream already ready and waiting for the correct day of the cycle to start it on. We'll see how it goes and I know some people had mixed results but I can only try. Ever since I learnt about the mare's pee component in my progestogen tablets I somehow lost heart for them ;-)

I know what you mean if at all poss, try to keep to natural remedies, all meds have side affects which sometimes are worse than the ones they are treating,...good luck hope it helps

If your post menopausal how do u know what day of a cycle u r on? Surely u don't have a cycle? I don't. Confused please help as Wd like to try cream

Sorry sulamaye. Just realised I wrote postmenoposal though I am still pre! Foggy brain no doubt to blame 8-) I still have cycles so it is easy but as far as I know when you are truly postmenoposal you can start with the cream on any day. There is some information in the leaflet on the internet. In the meantime I have started my applications and nothing much has happened so I guess it should be ok.

Easily done! THnaks

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