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A recent saliva test confirmed that I am low in progesterone and I am interested in trying bioidentical hormones.  However, I don’t know of any healthcare providers in N. Ireland who would guide me.  I am seeing a nutritionist  who is helping me lower my nighttime cortisol.  However, she doesn’t approve of bioidentical hormones…. she wants to help me raise my progesterone through nutrition (I suspect that could take ages!)  I also read a report by a medic on the internet warning that bioidentical hormones could carry the same risks as HRT if used long term.

     I would love to hear the views of anyone with experience of natural progesterone.  Is it safe enough to start using it in one’s sixties?  (I was on HRT for about three years fifteen years ago.)  Is it easy enough to monitor your levels?  Also, would you recommend a particular product?

Many thanks.

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  • I have used it for years, and it used to be used by the NHS until big pharma rubbished it, read the work of the late Dr Katrina Dalton.  I will send you a message regarding the best source of this.   MaryF    ps I have 8 conditions in total including Systemic Lupus and a serious blood clotting disorder and I use it, and consider it far safer and more effective than it's big pharma synthetic HRT cousins!

  • Many thanks for your helpful reply. It is very encouraging.  Thanks again.

  • As I approached my mid-fifties in the late nineties, I suddenly had insomnia.  I had never, ever had a problem sleeping and now I was waking up every hour on the hour practically... hot flashes, flooding, moodiness  ...   grrrr...  Someone mentioned Dr. John Lee's book 'What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Menopause' and the point of the book was the advantages of supplementing with natural progesterone cream.  Well, I read the book, started using the natural progesterone cream and I got my life back. 

    I didn't overdo the cream and within a month or two, I was able to get to sleep and stay asleep (heavenly), moodiness and other pre-menopause symptoms alleviated.  Still got a few hot flashes on occasion but nothing like before.  I didn't get my levels checked and had no problems.  Others might be more comfortable working in tandem with their docs and getting levels checked from time to time.  Do do the saliva test for progesterone rather than blood since levels can vary tremendously via blood levels. 

    Most women's levels of progesterone fall naturally as  they stop ovulating (producing eggs) even though their levels of estrogen are still enough to produce periods.  As with all supplements, do your research/homework and I strongly suggest reading Dr. Lee's book. 

    Emerita's  ProGest is a good brand of natural progesterone cream that has been around for ages and has a good track record.  Others may share their favorites.  I am in the US but I think this is a UK site where you can purchase the cream.  The book may be available on Amazon.

    Dr. Lee recommends 20 mgs of natural progesterone cream starting 10 days after the start of your period and using the cream (rub on the skin, alternating sites) for 10 - 14 days.  I found that 10 mgs suited me best.  The 20 mgs made me too sleepy.  It is a very individual thing as is the case with most supplements.  I still use natural progesterone cream for two weeks out of each month even tho I am way past menopause.

  • Thank you so much for your most helpful information.  I actually have  Dr Lee's book and have been dipping into convinced me to give natural progesterone a try.  I will certainly investigate Emerita's Pro Gest.  Many, many thanks.

  • I am delighted that you have the book.  We can't know too much and that book will give you all the tools you need to help yourself and feel more confident about choosing a doc to help you (if you choose that route). 

    I often say that after reading that book, you may end up knowing more about your body and how your hormones work than a lot of doctors.  Most male doctors just want to throw more estrogen at us... the last thing we need.

  • I used natural progesterone cream for a few years during the perimenopause & immediately after my periods ceased.It helped with hot flashes etc.I find it doesn't suit me post-menopausally now(I am 66)I believe this is due to oestrogen rebound,as noted by Dr Lee.I need to balance my oestrogen,but unfortunately,trans-dermal cream makes my oestrogen dominance symptoms worse(I have large fibroids)Am trying Agnus castus drops.Have been advised to try DIM,but its given me headaches.

    Its worth reading up about the possible downsides of transdermal application(see Mercola,Ray Peat)

  • Thanks for replying, Naomi.  I must look into the possible downsides....sorry it hasn't worked for you.  I hope you do get relief from your symptoms.  Thanks again.

  • I highly recommend Natpro-absorbs better than Emerita progest from NHM( reading good things about Ray Peat's progesterone oil sublingually.Available fromNMH(See mercola)

  • I do not have troubling symptoms apart from anxiety about the dangers of oestrogen dominance!

  • I have used Natpro DoDoc. Not using at the moment as started T3 and don't want to muddy any waters as I try to monitor dosage, etc. Natpro is good quality, absorbs really well, has quite a lot of progesterone in it and doesn't contain nasties like mineral oils. Seemed to help with my menstrual migraines and my water retention. 

  • Many thanks.  That's good to know.

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