Type 2 Diabetes & Hashis

I have been posting a lot this week, but wanted to share this. I have been treated for Type 2 Diabetes for about 4 years, with Metformin. I was originally on two doses of 500mg a day (1,000mg), which my Dr increased to 2000mg a day last year. I found out this week that my B12 is insufficient and that Metformin inhibits absorption of B12 so Dr agreed with me that I could stop taking it and keep an eye on my glucose levels. I started supplementing with B12 + B complex, Selenium, Magnesium & Vit C 5 days ago. I also adopted high protein low carb diet 5 days ago and my blood glucose tests are near normal. On waking they have consistently been 6 and 2 hours after eating main meal they have dropped back to 5.8 - I can't believe the changes On the Metformin the lowest I ever registered was 8.6 and that was with 2000mg dose. I'm chuffed to bits. I have never been a big eater, sometimes going all day till evening before eating, but I am now having 3 square meals a day and not feeling hungry at all. The bloating and wind has subsided and I have actually lost a couple of pounds.

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  • Hello Dahlia:

    I do believe we are going to see the Metformin folks in the news with class-action lawsuits. At least here in the states. More and more people are reporting becoming worse after Metformin, with everything from Migraines, to paralysis, to bladder cancer.

    Be glad that you have a Dr. with the good sense to listen to you and then take you off of Metformin. Stick with the Vitamin regimen that you have - and I might add one more...anywhere from 2000 to 5000 mgs of Vitamin D. It's wonderful for metabolic correcting, and a whole host of other good things, not the least of which: increased energy.

    There is more and more evidence here that Type 2 Diabetes, as well as heart disease, and cancer can be largely avoided by increasing vegetable intake (both cooked and raw veggies), decreasing sugar and meat, and drinking lots of chlorine free water. Remove / replace iodized salt with sea salt, and reduce fluoridated water / toothpaste. (all of these "ides" mimic iodine in the body resulting in huge over-dosing - very detrimental to the thyroid)

    Depending on your age, adding digestive enzymes (raw papaya, pineapple) to the diet will greatly increase / improve metabolizm of nutrients. Pro-biotics can't help but further balance the gut - the source of many problems with auto-immune disorders, and likewise the cure if and when it is corrected. (There is more and more evidence pointing to type II Diabetes as an auto-immune disorder)

    So good to hear of one more person removed from the malady of Metformin!

  • Thanks for that. My Dr did do a Blood test for Vitamin D on Friday as my other Vit & Minerals were suboptimal. I was never happy to take Metformin, but I didn't want to take any other Diabetes meds, from fear of low blood sugar episodes because of my habit of skipping meals. I'm on none at all now and aiming for it to stay that way.

  • That's brilliant news. A low carbohydrate/high fat diet is so good at keeping blood sugars level, well done - keep it up.

  • is it possible that you aren't type 2 diabetic? there are actually quite a few types of diabetes other than 1 or 2 but the others get overlooked - ege LADA and MODY - and as both are closer to type 1 they don't necessarily respond to metformin anyway.

    A strong family history of diabetes could point to MODY. A MODY strain runs in my family. I don't have it but my brother does and he also had huge problems controlling his blood sugars on metformin and managed to persuade GP to change to a different group of drugs and is now doing well.

    More info on different types of diabetes here


  • I never fully believed that I had Diabetes although my close family has a history of autoimmune diseases. My younger sister has Systemic Lupus & Myasthenia Gravis as well as being diagnosed with Type 2. My middle sister has factor 5 Lieden and is also hypothyroid. Our brother (the youngest child) has however escaped any adverse illnesses and has been the one most likely to abuse his health.

  • Well done!

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