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Hypothyroidism and Diabetes 2 doctors

My underactive thyroid was undiagnosed (finally!) 10 years ago. A few years ago a doctor diagnosed pre diabetes and last year I crossed into diabetes 2 (only diet and 1 Metformin per day). I want to know if other members were referred at some stage to an endocrinologist or depend solely on their GPs as I think I should have seen an endo at least after being almost on my uppers 10 years ago.

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Hi I see a general Endo , which is perfect.I originally saw her for thyroid, now also Diabetes, vit D, high calcium PTH, osteoporosis etc etc.

However, I would see how your Diabetes develops, unless seeing one already., it does not effect the thyroid and in fact the diet is the best for thyroid too.1 metformin, is very low diabetes, ie hardly diabetes at all. If you take care with the diet and have all the tests, ie bloods 6monthly,specific annual urine test, You could stay like that. The diet is the best for thyroid anyway. GP surgery,has to do 6 monthly checks for any one with diabetes, in any case. it is important to also have an annual eye test, specifically for the Diabetes.

Best wishes,



Hi purrsy, I sympathise with your situation. After about 15 years on high blood pressure medication I was diagnosed as diabetic T2 15 months ago (age 64) - the BP medicine was being changed for other reasons as both together predisposed patients to diabetes (Beta Blocker + thioizide). My young GP was being mentored by a senior GP who happened to by the practise diabetic specialist. They added a thyroid test, diagnosed under active thyroid at the same time and I started on 2 x 500mg Metformin and 50 mcg levothyroixine a day. After a year (3 months ago as I write), they stopped the Metformin and increased the thyroxine to 75 mcg as I'd lost 35 pounds (say 15 kilos) and so diabetes was being controlled by diet and exercise (and thyroxine I guess!).

So far I haven't seen any specialist outside the GP practise. I feel much better for having lost the weight and knowing why I was lethargic before diagnosis. I get eyes and feet checked yearly and see the practise diabetic nurse every 6 months after the results of blood tests (HbA1c, thyroid levels, fasting glucose) and urine to check that none of the medication is stopping the kidneys from working. I haven't found many who are diagnosed as hypothyroid and diabetic. I think the diet works well for both, though I miss some of the food I used to eat. Muesli/porridge and fish/eggs for breakfast and lunch seem to help. They added statins but I hope to get off those! Good luck and keep up this thread please. Bob


Thanks, Bob. You may find your BP goes down with the thyroxine as your cholesterol should instantly improve - buy a BP monitor from Boots, I did when threatened with BP pills and at home my BP was excellent. You must be so good to have got off 2xMetformin.

One thing, look at the healthy granolas at the supermarket (carbs, and of which sugars). E.g. Liz's granolas are all low glucose and have lots of the magic seeds and nuts and I use half the normal serving and swamp with whole milk. When I get that sugar need feeling, I have that.


Thanks purrsy.

I've had a BP monitor for over 5 years and (very sadly) have a spreadsheet with all my readings! I make my own muesli mixture so that I know what's in it and use it for porridge in the winter. Recipe varies each time but is mostly 2 parts oats, 1 part rye flakes, one part barley flakes, one part mixed nuts and seeds.

I'm currently using one part muesli mixture, one of soy milk and one of water, soaked overnight and then microwaved as the porridge (measure is 0.5 cup). Oh and I add fresh fruit when cooked. Sounds as though we've independently found a very similar low GI breakfast! Regards. Bob.


I have both too and have lost 2 stone in weight. They put me on metformin but couldnt cope with stomach cramps as I have ibs too. Now on glictazide instead.hoping to get back to diet controlled soon.


This is a link with information which may be helpful too.


Hi, I was diagnosed hypothyroid 4 years ago, and with pre diabetes 3 weeks ago, I haven't been offered any advice/treatment for the pre diabetes, let alone a referral for an endo, to be honest, I am in a muddle as to what's going on!


Thanks to all who replied. One day I might break the bank and have a private, thorough check up. Not only do you get a consultant's time but the benefit of the equivalent to read your blood tests. All of you who replied seem to be on the ball - so many diabetics seem to bury their heads in the sand and rely on the pills.


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